A Rambler’s Notebook at the English Lakes (Glasgow, 1902)

Dedicated to the ‘Rev. Dr Henry Vandyke and to all my American friends’.  Rawnsley had visited America in the autumn of 1899.

Chapters marked with an asterisk had appeared in print prior to their publication in this book.


Duddon Daffodils (pp. 1-12)

Out Ottering (pp. 13-32)

Merry May-Time at the Lakes (pp. 33-40)

The Grasmere Rushbearing (pp. 41-56)

November Glory at the Lakes (pp. 57-77)

The May Queen at Keswick (pp. 78-80)

The Diamond Jubilee Bonfires: A Reminiscence (pp. 81-108)

*A North-Country Flood (pp. 109-131)

A Day with the Picts and Celts of Cumberland  (pp. 132-138)

Snow in Harvest (pp. 139-144)

Old-Fashioned Christmas Doings at the English Lakes (pp. 145-152)

The True Story of “D’ye Ken John Peel?” (pp. 153-186)

“The Old Folks’ Christmas Do,” at Keswick (pp. 187-198)

A Day on Frozen Derwentwater (pp. 199-204)

Cumberland Character (pp. 205-219)

*The Last of the Rydal Dorothys (pp. 220-239)

Prehistoric and Medieval Man at Portinscale (pp. 240-251)

*The Tribute of the Hills (pp. 252-258)