Tuned by the mellowest month of all the year,
The Linnet, Tit, and Finch in voice agree;
The Cuckoo to this twangling company
Lends his strange instrument, now far, now near!
Their quick recurrent parts the Robins bear,
The Pigeon claps her cymbals, and the Bee
Swells with soft drum the woodland symphony!
Orchestral shades! what ravishment to hear!
His alto now the Blackbird trills alone;
Now Thrush and Blackbird in duet are one,
The Wren a wavering prelude ends, and, hush!
Sweet solo sings the prima donna Thrush;
Then in full chorus all the wood accords,
And, light as air, my heart supplies the words!


(A Book of Bristol Sonnets, p. 58),/p.