Died in Lebanon, Engaged in Mission Work, October 25th, 1881

High on the hills we laid her in repose,
        And left our treasure, but we little wist
    How soon the ranges of deep amethyst
That roll up heavenward to the Syrian snows
Would yield to this one jewel where it glows
    Midway ’twixt blue and blue.  Beloved of Christ,
    Not vainly was thy pure life sacrificed
For Him who led thee bravely to the close.

Where’er among the vales of Lebanon
    Between the olives and the mulberries
      We catch a glimpse of Him they crucified,
      We see thee ever walking at His side,
    And by the fuller sunlight of thine eyes
We know thy heart its happiness has won.

(Valete: Tennyson and other Memorial Poems, p. 123)