Twixt Cursmastide and glad New Year,
    Yah daay oor Kessick sticks tea;
Eh barn! that daay fra far and near
    We’re parlish glad we’re sixty!

For than aw drest in Sunday best
    We coom to t’ oald fwoks’ dinner;
And while we crack we tak a snack,
    And nin on us grows thinner.

For fawin’ ill theer’s nea excuse,
    The cock is terble clivver;
Theer’s beef and pies and roasted geuse,
    And tarts and things for ivver.

And than oor tables! loavin’s daay
    Sec flooers, sec decorations!
The King and Queen might sup awaay
    And think it Coronation.

We meet as friends aw maks of fwok,
    High, low, nea airs nor graces;
It’s good to crack and hear a jwoke,
    And see each udder’s faeces.

And if a laal bit gloom is cast,
    To think that deeth is watchin’,
To think hoo manny he hes fast,
    And who he’ll next be catchin’.

At least we’ll hev a pleasant brek,
    As lang as we are yable,
And larn that human lives can mek
    Heaven roond t’ oald fwoks’ table. 

(Carlisle Journal, 1 January 1904, p. 3)