From the Hoheweg, Interlaken

In that old cloistral mead of grass and flower
        Beneath the mossy walnuts’ gathering shade,
        We watched the snow-white mighty Mountain-
Go through her changes, felt her glorious dower
Of calm and purity, and knew the power
        Wherewith she comes all mortal hearts to aid,
        When sure of life hereafter, unafraid,
She waits in patience her appointed hour.

The sunlight faded from her virgin crown,
    And there she sat majestic, spectral, pale,
        Till all her long day’s unremembered grace
        Reborn with roseate splendours flushed her face,
    And o’er the undying Lady of the vale
The deathless stars with welcoming look down.

(Sonnets in Switzerland and Italy, p. 87)