Who perished in scuttling Submarine U18

When from their womb of death we saved the crew
    And safe aboard the six-and-twenty came,
    One man remained, to win a deathless name—
One man aside all hope of living threw,
Went down and dared the scuttling-valves unscrew,
    And sank a prisoner in that iron frame
    He thus would save from capture and from shame
By doing the last duty that he knew.

Uncover heads, and bow before his deed,
    Speak well, ye Britons, of a race that rears
        Such sons to serve their country to the death.
A time shall come when wounds will cease to bleed,
        Such heroes do but seal with latest breath
    Our brotherhood in far-off happier years.

The British Destroyer Garry, off the North Coast of Scotland, rammed the German submarine U 18, but saved all but one of the crew.  He heroically went below to open the scuttling valves, and so, by sinking the submarine, to save it from the hands of the British.

(The European War 1914-1915 Poems, p. 128)