The index below will direct you to extracts from HDR's published writings.  These extracts have been selected from his many poems, journal articles, letters to newspapers, sermons, lectures and books, etc.  Each Index has been subdivided alphabetical to make searching easier.  Clicking on an entry in the index will take you directly to the extract. 



A Crack about Herdwick Sheep

A Day at the Meydoum Pyramid

A Plea for the Birds

A Service of Song in Duchess’ Park, on a May Morning

A wasted life is like a wreck that lies

Ad Misericordiam

After the Herrings, Whitby

At Brig-End Sheep-Clipping

At Skelton Old Church



Bede Memorial

The Bitter Cry of Brer Rabbit



Calls of Christian Brotherhood

Chaffinch’s Nest

Chorus of the Dawn

Crusader’s Tomb



Dane’s Dyke, Flamborough Head

Death Aboard our Transports

Dying Charger



Eagle, at the Zoological Gardens, Clifton