[Most of the poems were written in the 1890s and early 1900s. To view the full text of a poem, click on its title below.]

In Rugby Chapel

The Heroic Engine-Driver

An Anniversary

The Greater Love

To N. H. & V. H. R.

A Hero of the Mohegan

Thanks to America. For Rudyard Kipling

Ode of Congratulation to Her Most Glorious Majesty Queen Victoria on Her Diamond Jubilee from the Women of England

In Memoriam: V.R.I. A Voice from the Colonies

To Nansen – England’s Welcome

To the Two Last Survivors of Nansen’s Team of 28 Sledge Dogs Who Were Shot, As Being of No Further Use, on the Ice-Floe of Franz-Josef Island

The Dead Seal Children

At the Nelson Column

To Ranavalona: Queen of Madagascar


Honour to Whom Honour is Due

At an Archbishop’s Grave

To John Ruskin on His 78th Birthday

Spring Crocuses at Murren

To Frances Power Cobbe

A Birthday Greeting: To Miss F. P. Cobbe – Dec. 3rd 1892

At Hengwrt – The Guardian Cypress Trees

Hengwrt – Oct. 21st 1894

At Hengwrt – May 18th 1897

A Christmas Holiday

To the Old Folks of Keswick and Neighbourhood – Dec. 27th 1893

A Happier Christmas

A New Year’s Greeting 1898

Britain’s New Year Jan 1st 1900

A New Year’s Hope 1900

At a Sower’s Grave – Tyn y Ffynon – May 1897

By the Torrent Walk – Near Dolgelley – May 18th 1897

The Peace of Talyllyn

At the Grasmere Rushbearing. In Praise of St. Oswald

At the Royal Academy

To the Sillyman, Who Is the Wise Man after All

A Harvest Hymn

To My Friends at Limnerslease




A Hymn in Memory of the Master of Balliol

In Memory of Lord Leighton – President of the Royal Academy

A Day of Kings

Christ and the Coal Strike

The Star of Prayer

The Triumph of the Innocents