Hardwicke leaves Bristol and the Clifton College Mission (14 January).

Edith Fletcher and Hardwicke are married in Holy Trinity Church, Brathay (29 January).

Hardwicke appointed secretary of the Stock Ghyll Falls Committee to oppose the closing of a footpath leading to the waterfall (September).


Edith and Hardwicke sail from Southampton for a journey through Egypt and the Holy Land (23 January).

Arrive back in England after spending five months abroad (June).

Hardwicke applies for the post of Deputation Secretary of the Church of England Sunday School Institute (October).


Death of Hardwicke’s brother Arthur (26 April).

Willingham Franklin Rawnsley marries Alice Argles (21 September).

Inaugural meeting of the Wordsworth Society in Grasmere (29 September).

Birth of Noel Hardwicke Rawnsley, Hardwicke’s son (14 December)


Sonnets at the English Lakes published.


Hardwicke is one of the founders of the Ruskin Library and Club in Ambleside (February).

The Wordsworth Society approve the selection of a rock near Grisedale Tarn to commemorate the spot where William Wordsworth and his brother part from each other for the last time on 29 September 1800. Hardwicke supervises the carving on the rock of stanzas from Wordsworth’s ‘Elegiac Verses’ to his brother. The spot becomes knowns as the 'Brothers’ Parting Stone'.

Rupert Potter and his family, including his young daughter, Beatrix, spend the summer at Wray Castle.

Death of Robert Drummond Rawnsley, Hardwicke’s father (31 August).

Hardwicke declines the offer of the living at Halton Holgate.

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