The Papers of Hardwicke Drummond Rawnsley
Deposited by Rosalind Rawnsley


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Thomas Hardwicke Rawnsley
RR/1/1 From the Bishop of Norwich, THR's Ordination to the Holy Order of Deacons in the Cathedral Church of Norwich 20 December 1812
RR/1/1 Declaration by THR that he will conform to the Liturgy of the Church of England and the Licence from the Bishop of Norwich for THR to perform the Office of Stipendiary Curate in the Parish Church of Outwell Saint Clement, 20 December 1812
RR/1/1 Permission from the Bishop of Lincoln for THR to be admitted and instituted to the Rectory of Hellow alias Bellow with Aby united in the County of Lincoln. 19 December 1813
RR/1/1 Permission from the Bishop of Lincoln for THR to be admitted and instituted to the Rectory of Hellow alias Bellow with Aby united presented by the Right Hon Peter Lord Gwydir & the Right Hon Priscilla Barbara Elizabeth Baroness Willoughby of Eresby  19 December 1813
Jane Franklin
RR/1/2 2 copies of Jane Franklin's Letter to the Admiralty printed in the "Gazette"  & 2 copies of the letter from Dr Kane to Mr Grinnell [originally inside a folder marked "Bullingham 21 Harrington Road SW"] 22 January 1856
Catherine Rawnsley
- Diaries
RR/1/3 Diary of Catherine Rawnsley [Includes entries for Tennyson coming to stay & Tennyson's wedding. At back of diary she writes about the loss of her only brother in 1860, death of her Father-in-law & their move from Shiplake to Halton Rectory to live with Mother-in-law. She writes of her Uncle John Burnside's death as 24 December 1865. (WFR has it as 23 December 1866 on his chart)] Red with metal clasp 1847-1869
RR/1/4 Typed extracts from Catherine Rawnsley's Diary of 1847-1869, entitled "From A Diary 1849-50" [Describes Tennyson's stay at Shiplake and his wedding to Emily Sellwood. The extracts are not verbatim] 1849-1850
RR/1/5 Diary of Catherine Rawnsley. Written in an exercise book at Halton Holgate starting 1 January 1870. Last entry 20 December [possibly 1872 because the marriage of Margaret Rawnsley to Douglas Arden is mentioned] Enclosures: A card with small illustration of two ships, the Alert & Discovery, which sailed in 1875 for the Arctic. 1870-1872
RR/1/6 Diary of Catherine Rawnsley [includes an entry for the death of her son Arthur on 26 April 1880; a poem by HDR in his memory; HDR & Edith’s first visit with Noel 1881; page 142, 144 reminiscences of earlier years, a visit to John Franklin’s ships on 12 May 1845] 1877-1882
- Albums
RR/P/1 Album of Catherine Rawnsley mostly containing a variety of pictures stuck in, of churches & art work. Also family photographs of ? Shiplake; Catherine & children; a group of ladies; studio portrait of HDR ?; a pen & ink drawing of Coromandel Gold Diggings, New Zealand
- Commonplace Books
RR/1/7 Commonplace book of Catherine Rawnsley containing poems by HDR written out by Catherine, newspaper cuttings re his poetry, a few pages of his letters stuck in. The poetry covers years 1869-1892. The last entry is dated 1898 so the book was added to after Catherine's death in 1892. Loose enclosures include: Article from the Illustrated Church News on HDR, 24 February 1894; Photo of ? Halton Holgate Church; Poem In Memorium to Alice Fletcher 24 February 1884
RR/1/8 Book of poems by HDR & others, copied out by various people such as Catherine, WFR, Nettleship & others. Includes poems In Memoriam for Mary Jeannette Rawnsley of Raithby, Xmas 1873, by WFR. Enclosures include: Poem written out by EFR on Allen Bank headed paper "To My Nurses" 26 October 1921; newspaper cutting on Franklin; poem "The Bridesmaids Candlesby 15 April 1868" dedicated to "each and all of the 8 bridesmaids"; ms copy of a letter from John Franklin at Castle Gate Nottingham to William Sadler, in the form of a poem, 29 October 1823, and his reply on the reverse [by Eleanor Franklin]; ms copy of a poem by Eleanor Franklin (ne Porden); page of dates for WFR as schoolmaster; page from a journal on the late James Dixon [Rosalind notes there are some verses by Tennyson marked unpublished but I couldn't find them. Some of the ink is in bad condition & needs transcribing] c1849 - 1906
RR/1/9 Red Book containing recipes, writings & poetry. Includes recipes for "marangues" and "cheese straws", sonnets by Shelley, poems by HDR when he was at school at Uppingham in 1878, poems in memory of his brother Arthur Eden who died 1880. 1876 - 1891 Includes a large number of enclosures:
  • Catherine's notes on Halton Rectory headed paper re Burnside & Franklin family tree
  • Page with a description of WFR & Alice Argles wedding [? Part of a letter]
  • Page with memories of Hartley Coleridge [? Part of a letter]
  • The Xmas Angel
  • Hunting poem on Boothby Hall, Spilsby writing paper
  • Poem "To March 28th" by [H.L.L.Maer]
  • 3 pages on the Dean's Funeral (Dean Stanley)
  • A piece copied out by W Kay on Barkston Rectory, Grantham headed paper 4 April 1846
  • Instructions for knitting a baby's sock
  • Note headed Mrs Rawnsley
  • Small part of a letter signed "Louis Battenburg"
  • Note re drawings of Westmoreland Mountains by Mrs Rawnsley
  • Poem "Britons, Guard your Own" written out from the Examiner 31 January 1852
  • Postcard from HDR at Birmingham to Fanny Rawnsley at Halton Holgate 14 January 1878
  • "Impressions of a June Day at Watereaton" by Fanny Rawnsley 29 June 1887
  • Lines on Arthur by HDR [Sophy Cracroft’s writing?] 29 April 1880
  • Poem on twins by WFR
  • Page of notes on Charlotte Bronte
  • "The Bride" by HDR 21 September 1880 [Alice Argles?]
  • "The Fleet" by Tennyson [? Copied out by WFR] from The Times 23 April
  • Letter from [Barnach] Rectory 2 July 1877
  • "Lays of Modern [Alford] [Barnach] Rectory 3 July [1861]" on Halton Rectory headed paper
  • Note by WFR re lock of Queen Elizabeth's hair
RR/1/11 Printed enclosures:
  • Sports races at Uppingham with poem "The Chelsea Rose Pole Dance" by HDR
  • Sonnets at the English Lakes by HDR - page from front of book
  • "The Kingdom of God and the Local Strike" a sermon by HDR in Crossthwaite Church reprinted from the West Cumberland Times 16 September 1893
  • November at the Lakes by HDR 13 November 1886
  • Ladies ticket for the Magdalen College Xmas Eve Carol Service, 1887
  • 2 newspaper cuttings re death of Lord Tennyson; 6 October 1892; the Daily Telegraph 7 October 1892
  • Dried heather "picked on Blackdown Aug 1890 when with the poet in his 81st year" [? WFR's writing]
- Correspondence
RR/1/13 Letter from Drummond Rawnsley in the Gulf of Patras to Catherine, addressed to Post Office, Malta. [Part of letter detached] 17 March 1843
RR/1/14 Letter from Henry Sellwood at Grasby to Catherine Rawnsley at Shiplake Vicarage re the birth of HDR & Fanny. [He encloses a letter (not found) from Aunt Betsey (d1850) & writes "It is probably the last your Father & Mother wrote before they left England and as you may not have many memories of them you may like to preserve it with what others you possess"] 13 January 1852

Catherine Rawnsley


RR/1/15 Letter from Percy & Mary Chaplin (ne Rawnsley) from their honeymoon in Paris to Hardie at Uppingham 8 October 1864 with a letter from HDR at Uppingham to "My dear Mama" enclosing the letter from Mary & Percy Chaplin
RR/1/16 Letter from HDR to his mother Catherine re Jane, Lady Franklin's funeral Post 18 July 1875
RR/1/17 Letter from HDR at Ashly Grange, Ashly Down, Bristol to Catherine Rawnsley at Halton Holgate [re the Memorial from Bristol Working Men (not the bound memorial of 1878 from the citizens of Bristol)] 10 December 1877
RR/1/17 Letter from Catherine Rawnsley to Hardie at Crosthwaite Vicarage 6 April 1885
RR/1/17 Letter from Catherine Rawnsley to Willingham Rawnsley (WFR) with recollections of family history. c11 pages of family history including the earliest recollections of her Father. [They may not all have been sent with the letter] 11 May 188[?]
RR/1/17 Notes "from Mrs Drummond Rawnsley's letter of what took place in Westminster Abbey on 31 July 1875 (the unveiling of John Franklin's monument) "to be returned to Mrs Halliday" on reverse
RR/1/17 Letter from Catherine Rawnsley to Hardie re the eagle in the Rawnsley crest 26 January 1892
RR/1/17 Letter from Catherine Rawnsley at Halton Rectory to Hardie re Rawnsley family history 7 October [No year]
Drummond Rawnsley
RR/1/18 2 letters from Drummond Rawnsley to HDR
  • 3 May 1878 From Raithby
  • 13 May 1878 From Halton Rectory
RR/1/18 Letter from Drummond Rawnsley at Wray Vicarage to HDR & Edith [during his stay at Wray Vicarage] 13 May 1879
Fanny Rawnsley
RR/1/19 Envelope addressed to Frances Rawnsley at Halton Rectory containing 3 verses of poetry and 2 small illustrated cards. No details of sender 18 February 1878
Alfred Rawnsley
RR/1/19 Letter from Alfred Rawnsley (HDR's brother) at [Glyndure] Hotel [near] Mold [----shire] N Wales to HDR [re the possible removal/preservation of the old Cotley? Fargate Pulpit] Photograph enclosed No date
Willingham Franklin Rawnsley (WFR) Family History/Correspondence
RR/L/1 Franklin Family Tree. Large sheet rolled up [in acid free tissue paper in original cardboard tube]
RR/2/1 Bound Volume entitled "Rawnsley Records 1370-1900" by WFR
Inside is written "The 2nd Raithby Hall copy date 1905 of Five Centuries of Rawnsley Records 1370-1900" With a note from WFR "Made at the request of my Uncle who had mislaid the 1st copy" [With additional note that the first copy was subsequently found] Also added by WFR "With 2 supplements on the Codd, Walls & Connington Families, 2 on Eton a hundred years ago and two Genealogical tables 1905"
Enclosures: In pocket at the back three pedigree charts of Elliott/Burnsides, Codd/Walls & Rawnsleys
RR/2/2 Franklin Letters and Diary" WFR’s bound typescript of "Letters of Sir Willingham Franklin and his Brothers etc and Sir Willingham Franklin's Madras Diary and Letterbook". "HD Rawnsley from WFR Xmas 1908"
RR/10/1 “Franklin Letters and Diary” “FA Rawnsley from WFR Xmas 1908” [With photo of Franklin Monument, Hobart taken by Elsin Rawnsley, February 1999 & her explanation on reverse, RR/P/2]
RR/2/3 Xmas greetings from WFR at Park Hill, Lyndhurst to HDR enclosing a photo of their Grandfather Thomas Hardwicke Rawnsley [photo missing] with notes on his dates for Eton, Oxford, & Rector of various parishes No date [? Pre 1904 - when did he move to Shamley Green?]
RR/2/3 Xmas greetings from WFR at Park Hill, Lyndhurst to HDR enclosing a photo of their Grandfather Thomas Hardwicke Rawnsley [photo missing] with notes on his dates for Eton, Oxford, & Rector of various parishes
No date [? Pre 1904 - when did he move to Shamley Green?]
RR/2/4 Copies of 2 letters from "Franklin Letters & Diary"
  • From Willingham Franklin to his Father at Horncastle, Lincolnshire re marriage to Catherine Burnside, Stamford 19 January 1818
  • From Eleanor Anne Franklin to Mrs Wright, Mavis Enderby, Bolingbroke, Lincolnshire, with a postscript from John Franklin 20 October 1824
RR/2/5 5 letters & 1 card from WFR to HDR
  • 8 March
  • 10 March
  • 3 May
  • 8 December
  • 22 December
  • 8 December 1916 (postcard)
RR/2/6 Rawnsley wills - Extracts from the Halifax District Wills from William Farrers Collection [Annotated by WFR] Copied 1918
RR/2/6 WFR's ms & typed extracts from the parish registers re Codd, Walls, Conington & Bellingham families
RR/2/6 Page of [WFR's] notes on Tennysons, Rev TH Rawnsley, Drummond Rawnsley. [On the reverse he includes a story about John Franklin as a small boy, running away to the coast near Skegness to look at the sea] No date
RR/2/6 Page of WFR's notes re family history
RR/2/7 Poem by WFR [for Richardson?] 28 May 1907
RR/2/7 Typed copy entitled "A Legend of Holbech" A true story made into rhyme by Thomas Rawnsley of Bourne c 1790
RR/2/8 Recipe Book compiled by Alice Rawnsley, entitled "Dainty Lincolnshire Dishes from An Old-World Receipt Book with Preface by Mrs Willingham Rawnsley" Contains typed recipes cut out & stuck onto pages, one dated 14 May 1844. Ms introduction by Alice Rawnsley entitled "My Grandmothers' Recipe Book" No date
Correspondence with Rawnsley Relations / Family History
RR/1/20 Letter from Lady Mary Richardson at Lancrigg, Grasmere to HDR [writes about Mrs Willingham Richardson and her baby, HDR's new cousin] 13 November 1868
RR/1/20 Letter from Louisa Tennyson Turner at Auckland House, Shanklin, Isle of Wight to HDR [1878]
RR/1/20 Letter from [? Freer] at [Hedensford, Stafford] to HDR re a Rawnsley hamlet. HDR's writing on the back 21 [August] 1892
RR/1/20 2 letters from Jessie Clay to HDR re her father [not sure if the year is correct - added afterwards in pencil]
  • 8 July 1892 From Lorn Villa, Oban
  • 19 March 1896 From Miller Bridge, Ambleside
RR/1/20 Letter from Adelaide Rawnsley Hossard at 64 Grove St, Brooklyn, New York to HDR re Rawnsley family tree 14 April 1909
RR/1/20 2 letters from Ernest Rawnsley at 107 Bentinck Street, Birkenhead, Cheshire to HDR re tracing his family history
  • 25 February 1916
  • 28 February 1916 [enclosing a copy of a letter from Charles Rawnsley in Murchison, Australia, dated 1910]
RR/1/20 Letter from E Georgiana Rawnsley at Saint Jude's Vicarage, 88 Bravington Rd to HDR re family history & Rawnsley connections 3 March 1916
RR/1/20 Letter from Ethel Rawnsley at 25 Brougham St, Wellington, New Zealand to HDR re her son Brian's death. Enclosures: Newspaper article "Wild Gallop for Life. Through Death Valley" 7 November 1916; typed extract of a letter from Brian's hut-mate Geoffrey Hamilton 27 November 1916
RR/1/20 Part of a letter from Katherine Halliday re Franklin/Tennyson family history No date
Correspondence - Friends
RR/1/21 Part of a letter from [Unknown - a friend of Rebecca Self] at [Farleigh & Cholsham] School, Near Croydon to HDR 28 September [1878]
Edward Thring
RR/1/21 6 letters from Edward Thring at The School House, Uppingham to HDR
  • 11 May 1874
  • 1[4] April 1878
  • 24 November 1878
  • 29 February 188[6] re the death of a member of the Fletcher family
  • 25 March 1887
  • 23 May 1887
RR/1/21 Letter from Edward Thring at Uppingham to Catherine Rawnsley [re HDR's work in Bristol?] 11 December 1877
RR/1/21 Letter from Edward Thring at Uppingham to K Cook enclosing two printed translations from Ovid 20 April 1878
RR/1/21 From Edward Thring at Uppingham to the Committee of the Church of England Sunday School Institute. A Testimonial for HDR on his application for the post of Clerical Deputation Secretary 10 November 1879
RR/1/21 2 photocopies of photo of Edward Thring
Rupert Potter
RR/1/22 Envelope addressed to Rupert Potter at 2 Bolton Gardens, London in HDR's handwriting. No letter [Rosalind has it?] 5 November 1897
RR/1/22 Letter from HDR at Crosthwaite Vicarage to Rupert Potter at 2 Bolton Gardens 27 March 1898
RR/1/22 Letter from Rupert Potter at 2 Bolton Gardens, South Kensington to HDR re Carew Cross in Pembrokeshire & enclosing 2 photographs of the cross taken in May 1901 30 March 1912
John Ruskin
RR/1/23 HDR's notes on a breakfast conversation with Ruskin, 3 October 1874, with a poem "To my dear old Nurse Self on her Birthday Nov 5 1874" [Rebecca Self] Signed & dated 3 November 1874
RR/1/23 3 letters from John Ruskin at Brantwood, Coniston to HDR
  • 1878 [No date but Ruskin was 59]
  • 27 December 1882
  • 3 January 1884 [Mentions the Guild]
RR/1/23 Photograph of a monument to Ruskin on Derwentwater
WG Collingwood
RR/1/24 Letter from WG Collingwood at Coniston to HDR [re a crucifix mould and the next meeting of the London Society of Antiquaries] 25 March 1902
RR/1/24 Letter from Collingwood at Lanehead, Coniston to HDR [re HDR's paper "Pre-Roman Find on Bristowe Hill, Crosthwaite" He encloses the paper and an envelope containing 2 photos of quern stones] 2 May 1903
Herbert Bell, Photographer, Ambleside
RR/1/24 Note from Herbert Bell to HDR enclosing 3 photos of Levens Hall, 29 October 1900

Letters (RR/13/1-27) used by HDR as research for his book “Memories of the Tennysons” published 1900. Most contain reminiscences of AT.
Letters from Alfred, Lord Tennyson
RR/13/1 Letter from Alfred Tennyson at Farringford to Drummond Rawnsley, 17 February 1865
  Letter from Alfred Tennyson at Aldworth to Drummond Rawnsley [re Hardwicke’s book of sonnets], 8 February 1881
  Letter from Alfred Tennyson at Farringford to Edith Rawnsley on the death of Alice Fletcher, with envelope addressed to Keswick Rectory, 18 March 1884
  Part page of letter from Alfred Tennyson at Aldworth to HDR “My dear Rawnsley However grateful for your sonnet, I cannot accede to your request” with envelope post marked 16 June 1884
  Letter from Alfred Tennyson at Aldworth to HDR at 1 Canterbury Road, Oxford [thanking for a sonnet & sending an amusing anecdote], with envelope, 2 August 1889
  Letter from Alfred Tennyson at Aldworth to HDR, correcting a mistake in Alfred’s previous letter, 7 August 1889
  Copy of a letter from Alfred Tennyson at Aldworth to Mrs Humphy Ward, c/o Macmillan & Co, London, [thanking for a present] 6 July 1892
Letters from Emily Tennyson
RR/13/2 Letter from Emily at Farringford to Kate Rawnsley, 8 December 1880
  Letter from Emily at Aldworth to HDR on the death of Drummond Rawnsley, no date [September 1882]
  Letter from Emily at Farringford to HDR, with envelope, [mentions the Gordon Home at Fort Wallington] 2 January 1886
  Letter from Emily at Aldworth to Kate Rawnsley about correcting a mistake in Alfred’s recent letter to HDR, 4 August 1889
Letters from Hallam Tennyson
RR/13/3 Letter from Hallam at Aldworth to WFR (Willingham Franklin Rawnsley) [re poems that he hopes Hardwicke will forward to him. Includes pencil note from ER (Edith Rawnsley)] with envelope, 29 September 1888
  Letter from Edmund Lushington at Park House, Maidstone, to Hallam Tennyson, enclosed in the letter above, [re poems loaned to Hardwicke Rawnsley & not yet returned] 28 September 1888
  Letter from Hallam at Aldworth to HDR [mentions his parents visiting Cleveden to see Arthur Hallam’s tomb & mentions Tent Lodge Coniston] 4 July 1892
  Letter from Hallam at Aldworth to HDR [annotated in pencil by Edith? that it was in answer to a rhyming telegram for the Laureate’s 82nd birthday 6 August 1892] 14 August 1892
  Letter from Hallam at Farringford to HDR [marked private, begins “My mother and I are taken aback by the news that you – who knew next to nothing of my father – are going to write his life.”] With envelope. 17 January 1893
  Post card from Hallam at Freshwater to HDR, 14 March 1904
  Letter from Hallam at Farringford to HDR [re Agnes, niece of Alfred Tennyson] 20 July 1904
  Post card from Hallam at Aldworth to HDR, [mentioning a petition, with four lines of illegible verse penned on the front by HDR] 4 May 1912
Letters from Charles & Louisa Tennyson Turner
RR/13/4 3 letters from Charles Tennyson Turner, Grasby Vicarage to HDR [commenting on HDR’s poems], 2 & 3 August 1872, 19 January 1876
  Letter from Louisa Tennyson Turner, Grasby Vicarage to Catherine Rawnsley [mentions CTT being too poorly to write to Drummond & Mrs Edward Rawnsley’s death] with a page at the end from Charles Tennyson Turner to Drummond Rawnsley, 29 December 1878
Letters from Matilda, Frederick & Harriet Tennyson
RR/13/5 2 letters from Matilda Tennyson [Hark House, Maidstone?] to HDR [one thanking for gift of “Valete”] 14 & 20 July 1893
RR/13/6 3 letters from Frederick Tennyson, St Ewolds, Jersey, to HDR, 25 October 1887; no date; 29 November [1893 – mentions being 86 years]
RR/13/7 Letter from Harriet Tennyson, 9 Princes Buildings, Clifton, to HDR [23 February, no year]
Letter from Harriet Tennyson, 14 Buck[ingham] Place, Clifton, to HDR, 1 April [1879 – mention of HDR wedding]
Letters from the Rawnsley Family
RR/13/8 Letter from Catherine Rawnsley at Halton Rectory to Hardie [answers HDR’s questions & encloses reminiscences of Tennyson & her Uncle John Franklin. Possibly part missing – no ending to the letter & some pages may not be part of the same letter] 30 March [pre May 1892]
RR/13/9 5 letters from WFR to HDR: Two from Park Hill, Lyndhurst, 21 November & 31 July; two from Shamley Green, Guildford, 14 August & n.d. [post 1901]; one from Loughrigg Holme, Ambleside, 23 June [post 1902?]
RR/13/9 Letter from Ethel Rawnsley at Park Hill, Lyndhurst to WFR, July 1892
RR/13/10 Booklet of reminiscences on Tennyson from Margaret Arden, (ne Rawnsley) written on New Year’s Day 1893, with a subsequent letter from her at 27 Onslow Gardens, n.d.
Letters from Cousins / Relations
RR/13/11 Letter from Agnes Weld to her cousin HDR [regarding her Aunt Emily Tennyson’s funeral at Freshwater] [August 1896]
RR/13/12 2 letters from Edward Elmhirst, Shawell Rectory to his nephew Hardie, [in the second letter he writes about his search for some lines by Tennyson “they relate to “Lilian” – for they breathe a spirit of bitter disappointment, that Lilian will have nothing to say to him and that she was about to bestow her hand upon another – meaning me, I suppose”] 6 December 1892 & 4 January 1893 (with envelope)
RR/13/13 2 letters from Thomas Wright (cousin of Emily & son of Henrietta Franklin, sister of Sir John Franklin), The Cloisters, Westminster Abbey, to HDR, 1 November 1892 & n.d.
Letters from Friends re Tennyson
RR/13/14 2 letters from Rev Sanders Etheridge, Haslemere Rectory, to HDR, 14 October & 1 November 1892
RR/13/15 Letter from John G Lonsdale, The Close, Lichfield, to HDR, 24 December 1905
RR/13/16 Letter from Blanche Atkinson, Tyn-y-Ffynon, Barmouth, to HDR, 13 January [enclosing a copy of a copy of a letter from Arthur Hallam at Cambridge to Emily Tennyson, Alfred’s sister and copy of a copy letter from Henry Hallam at Wilton Crescent to Alfred’s sister Emily Tennyson dated 27 March 1843]
RR/13/17 2 letters from Isabel Spedding, [Boundholme], Tunbridge Wells, 12 & 15 February [with page of notes in HDR’s handwriting, n.d.]
RR/13/18 Letter from Anne Thackeray Ritchie, The End House, Berkely Place, to HDR, on the death of Lady Tennyson, 13 August 1896
RR/13/19 2 letters from Rev Canon Edmund Venables, The Precentory, Lincoln, to HDR, 24 November & 5 December 1892, enclosing 2 letters from Dr Alfred Gatty, Ecclesfield with memories of Tennyson, 30 October (plus copy letter) & 2 December 1892
Letter from Dr Alfred Gatty, Ecclesfield, to HDR, 9 December 1892
RR/13/20 3 letters from James Martineau, 35 Gordon Square, to HDR [covers Tennyson & Metaphysical Society, criticism of a word in HDR’s sonnet on Tennyson, Edith Martineau sketching with Mrs Allingham at Blackdown] 30 November (with envelope), 6 & 12 December 1892
RR/13/21 2 letters from John Duke Coleridge, Heath’s Court, Ottery St Mary, Devon, to HDR [re Tennyson’s poetry] 4 (with envelope) & 7 January 1893
RR/13/22 4 letters from Frances Power Cobbe, Hengwrt, Dolgelley, to HDR, with reminiscences of Tennyson, 3 (with envelope) & 7 December 1892; 16 March [1893]; 23 March [1893 enclosing typed extract from a letter from John Mitchell Venables, Cambridge, to his sister Fanny Venables, announcing the death of Arthur Hallam, 13 October 1833]
RR/13/23 3 letters from Harriet C Smith, Garnstone, Weobley, RSO, to HDR [with her reminiscences of Tennyson, Charles Kingsley & others at Shiplake], 1 November 1892 [with envelope. Includes poem written by Tennyson in the carriage en route to the station, after his marriage]; 10 November 1892; 29 January 1898 (with envelope)
RR/13/24 Letter from M Staniland, Harrington Hall, Spilsby, to HDR, with envelope, [memories of the young Tennysons] no date
RR/13/25 Letter from Rebecca Self, 137 Tavistock Crescent, (Nurse to Rawnsley family) with memories of Tennyson’s wedding day, n.d.
Tennyson Verses
RR/13/26 Copies of Tennyson poems: 2 copies of “The Vicar of Shiplake”, lines written to Sophy Rawnsley 1834 & 1836; note from WFR to HDR re the poems
Letters re Tennyson Poet Laureate
RR/13/27 Letters dated March 1843, re Tennyson becoming Poet Laureate, given to HDR by Francis Power Cobbe who had been left them by Fanny Kemble (Mrs Butler). Includes: letter from Procter to Mrs Butler; 2 letters from Lord Francis Egerton to Mrs Butler; letter from Lord De La Warr to Lord Francis Egerton; 2 pages explaining the letters
Letters from Sir Charles Tennyson to Eleanor Rawnsley
RR/13/28 Letter from Charles Tennyson, 3 Onslow Square, to Eleanor [thanking for information & hoping to see her Tennyson papers] 4 May 1937
4 letters from Charles Tennyson, The Middle House, Southwold, to Eleanor Rawnsley [re loan of letters to Edgar Shannon for his volume on Tennyson’s letters] with envelope. 8, 14, 27 June & 20 July 1954
Letter from Edgar Shannon, London, to Eleanor [thanking for the loan of letters] 30 June 1954
Correspondence re Tennyson Letters
RR/13/29 Correspondence between Rosalind Rawnsley and Sue Gates & Kathleen Jefferson, Lincolnshire County Council, re possible sale of the Tennyson letters, August – December 1996
  Notice of a party to celebrate the publication of Ann Thwaite’s book “Emily Tennyson: The Poet’s Wife”, October 1996 and correspondence with Ann Thwaite re loan of Tennyson Letters, 1996
  Photocopies of Alfred Tennyson letters: 2 copies of letter to Drummond Rawnsley, 8 February 1881; 1 copy of letter to HDR, 2 August 1889
  Photocopy of a page from WFR’s chapter on Lincolnshire from “Tennyson and his Friends” by Lord Hallam Tennyson
  Copy of Janet Martin’s list of Tennyson papers
Correspondence re Books/Articles
RR/1/25 Letter from [AW Laing] C/O WC [Maughm], The Limes, [?] Road South, Ealing W to HDR 19 September 1892
RR/1/25 Letter from [Harris] Hudson at The Hermitage, Guildford to HDR re his latest book, Literary Associations of the English Lakes 9 August 1903
RR/1/25 Letter from the Editor of "Truth" at Carteret Street, Queen Anne's Gate to HDR re a misprint & enclosing 2 cuttings 12 January 1917
RR/1/25 Letter from Violet Clifton at [Kylemore] House, Connemara addressed to "Dear Speaker". Annotated "Return HDR" at top of first page No date
Correspondence - Other
RR/1/25 Letter from John Marshall at Rigg's Belsfield Hotel, Windermere to HDR 29 April [?year]
RR/1/25 Postcard with a sketch entitled "Vicarious investigation of a Mutoscope" by CJC, addressed to Canon Rawnsley at Crosthwaite Vicarage 8 October 1901
RR/1/25 Letter from [Boyce] at Hindleap, Forest Row to HDR [gives advice on places to visit in France] 13 March [? Year]
RR/1/25 Note from ? to HDR [asking him to keep his personal letters in an envelope] No date

HDR - Baptism
RR/1/26 Copy of HDR's Baptism Certificate for 26 October 1851. Certified as a true copy by Rev Drummond Rawnsley, 1 December 1861
HDR - Oxford University
RR/1/26 Receipt from the Bursar of Balliol College, Oxford University for Annual Dues 23 March 1886
Marriage to Edith Fletcher (1845-1916)
RR/1/27 Printed booklet of Hymns at the marriage of HDR & Edith Fletcher, Brathay, 2 copies, 29 January 1878
RR/1/27 6 hand illustrated menu cards for HDR & Edith's wedding [each a different design], 29 January 1878
RR/1/27 Letter from Alice Fletcher at Waterhead to HDR & Edith following their wedding day, 30 January 1878
RR/1/27 Newspaper cutting re HDR's marriage to Edith January 1878
HDR Journals / notebooks
RR/1/28 HDR's notebook of their trip to the Holy Land. Includes poems January - April 1879
RR/1/29 Black notebook with HDR's notes. Includes notes re exposures for photographs, not in HDR's writing. No date
HDR / Edith correspondence
RR/1/30 Last letter from Edith Rawnsley at Hotel des Trois Rois, Bune, to HDR
5 July 1914
Edith - Death
RR/1/30 Account of Edith's funeral at St Kentigern's Church, Crosthwaite [unknown writer] 3 January 1917
Second Marriage to Eleanor Foster Simpson
RR/1/31 Newspaper cuttings & papers relating to HDR's marriage to Eleanor Simpson , The Wray, Grasmere on 1 June 1918
  • Congratulatory letter from Walter H Page at the United States Embassy to HDR. [Also thanks HDR for turning "my rather poor speech into so graceful a sonnet!"] 9 April 1918
  • Small bound booklet for Eleanor with list of names of Grasmere friends, wishing her happiness for her marriage 28 May 1918
  • Card to Eleanor from members of her Bible Class
  • Congratulatory letter from Cumberland Education Department to HDR, 30 May 1918
  • 10 newspaper cuttings re engagement & marriage
RR/1/31 Hotel bill from the Grand Hotel de la Cloche, Dijon 19 April 1920

Presentations and Awards
RR/2/9 Exam papers for those taking Deacon's orders, Diocese of Gloucester and Bristol. 1 printed, 3 handwritten, Christmas 1875
RR/2/10 From the Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol, a Stipendiary Curate's Licence for HDR to St Barnabas, Bristol, nominated by Rev EA Fuller 19 December 1875
RR/2/10 HDR's Declaration of Assent to the 39 Articles 19 December 1875
RR/2/10 Letter from the Bishop of Carlisle to HDR, [20 June 1877]
RR/2/10 Letters Testimonial for HDR to take Priest's Orders 17 November 1877
RR/2/9 Syllabus for the Examination for Holy Orders, Diocese of Carlisle December 1877
RR/2/10 Priest's Orders from the Bishop of Carlisle to HDR 23 December 1877
RR/2/10 Letters Testimonial from the Bishop of Carlisle that HDR may be instituted to the Vicarage of Saint Margaret Low Wray in the Parish of Hawkshead, County of Lancaster 23 December 1877
RR/2/10 HDR's Declaration of Assent to the 39 Articles c 23 December 1877
RR/2/10 Deed of Institution of HDR to the Vicarage of St Margaret Low Wray, presented by Edward Preston Rawnsley of Wray Castle
23 December 1877
RR/2/10 Letters Testimonial from the Bishop of Carlisle that HDR be Collated to the 7th Honorary Canonry in the Cathedral Church of Carlisle
22 November 1893
RR/2/10 Deed of Collation of HDR to the 7th Honorary Canonry at Carlisle Cathedral 22 November 1893
RR/2/10 Letters Testimonial from the Bishop of Carlisle that HDR may be Collated to the 2nd Canonry founded in the Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Carlisle 5 July 1909
RR/2/10 Deed of Collation of HDR to the 2nd Canonry at Carlisle Cathedral
5 July 1909
RR/2/10 Letters Testimonial from the Bishop of Carlisle that HDR may be Collated to the 2nd Canonry founded in the Cathedral Church of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Carlisle 5 July 1909
RR/2/10 Deed of Collation of HDR to the 2nd Canonry at Carlisle Cathedral(br> 5 July 1909
RR/2/10 Letter from Lord Sandhurst at the Lord Chamberlain's Office, St James's Palace to HDR offering him the post of Honorary Chaplain to King George V 22 March 1912
RR/2/10 HDR's Warrant of Appointment for one of His Majesty's Honorary Chaplains 26 March 1912
RR/12/1 “A sower went forth to sow the seed” ms sermon marked 8 February 1885 Crosthwaite & 24 February 1889
RR/12/1 “The hope of the dying year” sermon, Crosthwaite, typescript & ms, delivered 1888, 1893 &1911
RR/12/1 2 18th Sunday after Trinity sermons, typescript; 1888 & 1913; no date
RR/12/2 3 Sermons, ms; 1898; 1901; 1901
RR/12/3 2 sermons: 17th Sunday after Trinity 1900-1910 & Sexagisema 1914
RR/0/1/1 Bound volume entitled "Memorial to the Reverend H.D.Rawnsley on his Resignation of the Clifton College Mission in the Parish of St Barnabas, by his Friends and Wellwishers in the District and by The Members of the Mission Congregation, and Workmans Club Newfoundland Road, Bristol. Presented the 8th Day of December, 1877" Contains an introduction with a few lines added by HDR and long list of names [binding eaten, pages loose inside]
RR/0/2/4 “Memorial to the Revd Hardwicke Drummond Rawnsley from the Citizens of Bristol 1878” Bound testimonial with signatures
RR/2/11 Celebration of Rev. Canon Rawnsley's 25 Years as Vicar of Crosthwaite. 9 July 1883 - 9 July 1908. Printed list of Subscribers, Receipts and Expenditure 12 January 1910
RR/2/12 Cutting from the "West Cumberland Times" re Tribute to Canon Rawnsley as retiring Vicar of Crosthwaite Church & Induction of the new Vicar Rev Walter E Bradley 9 June 1917
Recognition of Service
RR/0/1/2 Volume of Signatures presented to Rev Hardwicke Drummond Rawnsley, Hon Canon of Carlisle, by Cumberland County Council in recognition of his Services to the Community as Representative of Keswick and also Alderman. Silver mounts to the volume with HDR in silver on cover. A silver tray was also presented [not in archives] Date?

Early Poetry / Hymns
RR/3/1 Green notebook containing loosely bound poems of HDR and in some cases details of the occasion for which they were written. Begins with "The First Morning of Term. Rugby Oct 1894" Includes a poem "To Nansen - Englands Welcome" followed by "To the Last Two Survivors of Nansens Team of 28 Sledge Dogs". 1890 - 1904
RR/3/3 Poem by HDR on viewing the Bust & Memorial to John Franklin in Noble's Studio before removal to Westminster Abbey, no date
RR/3/3 Copies of HDR's poems. Two poems "In Memoriam" for Mary Jeanette Rawnsley who died at Raithby Xmas 1873, and one poem "In Memoriam. MJR Dec 23rd 1873 Description of the man after her death"
RR/3/3 "At Oxford in May" ms on 8 Norham Gardens writing paper [? Fanny or Ethel's writing] No date
RR/3/3 "Ode to Shiplake" written when HDR was 10 yrs & dedicated to Fanny Rawnsley
RR/3/3 Black edged writing paper containing 4 ms poems, not HDR writing:
  • “Ambleside” August 1875
  • “S.T Coleridge suggested by passing Hartley-Coleridge’s Cottage under Nab Scar” August 1875
  • “On seeing a telegrah wire & pillar post at Rydal just below Wordsworth’s house” August 1875
  • “Brathay Churchyard” August 1875
RR/3/19 “The Death of the Laureate Alfred Lord Tennyson October 6th 1892” Hand produced booklet with needlework on the front cover, poems in (?) Edith’s hand & Frances Power Cobbe’s bookplate inside. Contains photos of Frances Power Cobbe, the Pall, image of Tennyson
RR/3/20 “Sonnets in North Italy and Switzerland” by HDR in Edith’s hand, in grey/green notebook, 1894
Poems, MS & Typescript No Dates
RR/3/4 “At the Wray Grasmere” ms on “The Wray” writing paper
RR/3/4 “Here & Hereafter” ms on Crosthwaite Vicarage writing paper
4 ms poems, no titles, one on 8 Norham Gardens writing paper, one on Pump House Hotel, Llandrindod writing paper, no dates
“Sunset & Sunrise” ms
“February” ms
“At Tarn Side” ms
Poem on Dunnabeck writing paper, 26 June
“The Four Sisters Castel di Poggio” ms, with pencil sketches of furniture
3 pages of Edith’s notes [abroad?] with HDR verses on the reverse
“Present though absent” [Edith’s writing]
“The Pied Flycatcher” [Edith’s writing] 2 copies, 22 May
Poem on bird song, Edith’s writing
“A Lover’s lament” typescript
“April Sunshine” typescript
“The Return of Spring” typescript
“The Two Springs” typescript
“Hope for the Dawn” typescript
“The Poet’s Home-Going” typescript
“The Promise of May” typescript
RR/3/8 "Greetings & Marsh Murmers for the Forever Blessed 28th of September!" ms [not HDR’s writing]
RR/3/8 "Sybilla Lumentosa Denticulata!" ms verse with part sketch of garden on reverse
Poetry / Hymns - Printed
RR/3/7 "The undoing of De Harcla. A Ballard of Cumberland" by HDR . Printed booklet 2 copies 1892
RR/3/8 “In Memoriam. Mrs Attlee” printed, 2 copies, 14 February 1892
RR/3/8 “In Memoriam. Hymn for the Laureate's Funeral” printed, 1892
RR/3/8 “A May Day Festival at Cockermouth. Ascension Day, 1894” printed, 2 copies
RR/3/8 “To the Old Folks, with the Vicar of Crosthwaite’s compliments and best wishes for A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” printed, no date
RR/3/8 “A School Song” printed, no date
RR/3/7 Booklet re Memorial to Henry Drummond [Verse by HDR inside] 11 March 1902
Shakespeare Tercentenary 1909
RR/12/4 “A Hymn for the Shakespeare Tercentenary” transcript
“Shakespeare on his Tercentenary” ms poem
Hymn by HDR to be sung at the planting of the Tree in the Fitz Park, 3 typescript & 2 printed copies
Printed Order of Service (sample sheet) for the Shakespeare Commemoration Service at Southwark Cathedral on 23 April 1909
RR/3/6 Various prose works by HDR, some in HDR's handwriting
  • 4 works of prose in HDR's handwriting, one entitled "A last [feast] of Athens"
  • "After lunch at Delphi" [? HDR's writing]
  • "Above the Clouds" on Italy & Switzerland, [Edith or Eleanor's writing] on Hotel des Balances & Bellevue writing paper
  • "Dawn and After-flow at Beatenberg" [Edith or Eleanor's writing]
Poetry / Hymns 1912-1915
RR/3/8 “Kessick Auld Fwoks’ Do – Cursmas, 1913” printed
RR/3/8 “Maytide in Italy” Crosthwaite Magazine, 1914
RR/3/8 “The Birthday of a County Borough - Carlisle, April 1st 1914” printed
RR/3/3 "The Christmas Bells" poem by HDR Typescript 1915
RR/3/7 Marriage Service for Marion Bettina Maud Rawnsley and George Fenwick-Owen at St Michael's Church, Chester Square [the second hymn is by HDR] on 26 March 1914 4 copies
RR/12/5 Church service for the marriage of Dora Hadfield Edmondson to Francis Henry Bettison at Crosthwaite [Hymn by HDR] 3 copies 11 August 1914
RR/12/5 Memorial service for Edward Wyndham Tennant 4th Grenadier Guards, with a note of thanks to HDR from his parents, [24 September 1915]
RR/12/5 “Samuel King’s School, Alston. School Song” by HDR, printed booklet, 4 copies, 1915
RR/12/5 “Hymns in Time of War” by HDR printed booklet, 3 copies
RR/12/5 “A Hymn. To tune – Russian National Anthem” by HDR, printed sheet & 2 typescript copies
Typescript & MS Poems, c1912-1915
RR/12/6 Poem on the back of a post card, with notice of the Annual Meeting of the Carlisle Diocesan Mission to Deaf and Dumb, to be held 2 May 1912
“An Appeal against the over-sea traffic to Antwerp of worn-out English horses” ms [Eleanor’s writing?] & transcript, 26 January 1914
“Lines by Canon Rawnsley on proposing the Health of the guests” at Masonic Banquet (Edith’s writing) 10 February 1914
“To Ireland North and South – An Appeal” ms & 2 transcript copies. Includes a letter from the Westminster Gazette explaining why they are not publishing it, 13 February 1914
“A Submarine Grave. In honour of the officers and men of A7, Whitsand Bay” typescript, 2 copies, 5 March 1914
“The Duke of Argyll’s Home-going” on post card addressed to the Editor, Westminster Gazette, 14 May 1914
“In the Hof Kirche Innsbruck” 2 ms copies, on Hotel Kreid writing paper & Basel printed paper, 29 June [1914]
“In Honour of Sir George Turner” ms & typescript, 13 March
“In Memoriam – Bishop Tucker” typescript, 15 June
4 ms poems [HDR writing not easy to read], no dates:
  • “To Edith on her 36th wedding day”
  • “The [watch] days of the [Neptune] Sea”
  • “The coming of Spring”
  • “Peggy”
“A Love Song” Edith’s handwriting, no HDR added, no date
“The Poet’s Home-Going” re Browning, typescript, 9 pages, no date
“April Sunshine” typescript, 2 copies, no date
“To Lieutenant Holebrook and his gallant crew of Submarine B11” 13 December typescript
“Good Friday 1915” typescript
“At Wordsworth’s Grave. 7th April 1915” ms & 2 copies typescript,
Unpublished War Poems
RR/12/7 “Commander Edward [?] RN VC” [HM Run Clyde], ms 28 April
“The Semaphore” ms
“The dead we leave behind Gallipoli” ms
“The Voice of the Striker” ms
“Race meetings & the War” not HDR’s writing
Untitled war poem, not HDR’s handwriting
“The Crime of Wittenberg. 1914” typescript, 2 copies
“To Flight Sub Lieutenant RAJ Warneford VC” and “In Memory of Flight Lieutenant RAJ Warneford VC Legion of Honour” 7 June 1915 with a letter from Robert Sommerville of TP’s Journal of Great Deeds of the Great War to HDR at Dunnabeck, returning the two pieces of poetry which couldn’t be included in the next issue, 12 July 1915
“How lance-Corporal Angus of Carluke, 8th H.L.I. saved Lieutenant Martin and won the Victoria Cross” typescript, 13 June 1915
“Lieutenant William Thomas Forshaw V.C. Manchester Territorials” 2 copies typescript, 8 September 1915
“Our Angel-Host of Help” typescript, in memory of Raymond Lodge, 14 September 1915
“Gallipoli Farewell!” typescript
“Before Verdun” typescript, March 1916
“To a Mother twice bereaved on hearing of the death of her son Lieutenant Harvey Hodgson” ms (not HDR writing) & 3 copies typescript, 23 April 1916
“German Hate” typescript 2 copies
“To the Good Ship Jason” typescript, 26 November
“General Joffre’s Farewell’ typescript
“Britain’s Call” typescript
“At High White-Stones” typescript, 5 pages, [31] June 1917
Poems in “The European War 1914-1915” - typescript
RR/12/8 “The Landing of the Queen of the Belgians” with newspaper cutting “A Pathetic Home-coming” 2 December
“Starlight” ms & typescript 13 April 1915
“The Soldiers Last Will and Testament” ms [Edith’s writing]
“In Memory of Second Lieutenant WGC Gladstone MP” ms 13 April
“The Blockade” ms 2 copies [Edith’s writing] 18 February
“Britain’s Call” ms [Edith’s writing]
“At the Town Hall The Gun Parade” ms 2 December
“The Boy Sentry of Ypres” ms [Edith’s writing]
“To the Gallant Gunmen of Liege” ms
“Helm Crag” ms & 2 copies typescript
“The Lion’s Chase” ms [not HDR writing] & typescript 24 January 1915
“May Time 1915” 3 copies with cutting from Carlisle Journal “May Day” (same poem) 11 May, 1915
“Captain Mark Haggard” With ms explanation, 14 September
RR/12/9 “Reims Cathedral”
“The Ever-Living Ones” 2 copies
“Love’s Gift of Life. A Draught of Love. An incident of the battle-field” 3 copies, including the story behind it. [newspaper cutting of the incident in RR/12/ 11]
“The Greater Love”
“The Lusitania May 7th” 2 copies
“The Massacres in the Province of Namur”
“At Whitby Abbey – December 16th”
“Love on the Battle-Field A picture in The Sphere, February 13th”
“New Year 1915”
“Take Me Home” with explanation
“The King in France” 30 November
“Sunshine and War”
“St Paul’s 19th November, 1914”
“Lord Roberts. Home coming to Ascot” [17] November 1914
“Loss of HMS Bulwark” Sheerness, 26 November
“In a Harvest Field after the Battle”
“The Turk of West and East. (On hearing that the Germans had induced the Turks to join the War)”
“The List of Casualties”
“At a Soldier’s Grave”
“A Mother’s Last Farewell”
“To the Strikers”
“After a Sermon in St Margaret’s Westminster”
“The Bible of Peace. Dunnabeck” 3 copies
“The New Evangelists” 4 copies
“Rhodes-Moorhouse” with explanation, 2 copies
“Rupert Brooke. Lemnos” 3 copies, 23 April
“The Grandeur of War”
“To The Kaiser” 2 copies
“At the Wishing Gate Grasmere. New Years Day. 1915”
Newspaper/Journal cuttings of HDR poems 1912-1917
RR/12/10 “A March Song” 27 March 1912
RR/12/10 “A Sonnet Congratulatory” from Church Family News, 2 copies, 12 February [1913]
“In Memory of Lord Strathcona” 21 January 1914
“At the Newbolt Dinner” Lyceum Club, HDR sonnet, with 2 ms copies in HDR & Edith’s writing, 23 February 1914
“Books for the Blind. An Appeal” 16 April [1914]
“In Memorium. Sylvester Horne, M.P.” May 1914
“To the Kaiser” [in EWP] August 1914
RR/12/10 Obituary of Strachan Davidson, Master of Balliol, with cutting of HDR’s sonnet “The Master, Balliol, March 28, 1916”
“The King’s Example” Yorkshire Post, 10 April 1915
RR/12/10 “Oor Jossy, or we canna, munnet plean” Cumberland News 1 January 1916
“In Memory of Thomas Bakewell. Keswick, 2nd April 1916”
“Death the Revealer” Yorkshire Post, 24 April 1916
“A Cumberland War Song” [in EWP] September [1917]
“At the Funeral of Archdeacon Sherwen” no date
“Springtime and War” [in EWP]
“A thought of Home in the Trenches”
Shakespeare Day / St George’s Day 1916
RR/12/4 Various ms & typescript poems for Shakespeare Day 23 April 1916.
  • “To William Shakespeare” ms & typescript
  • “Before a Portrait of William Shakespeare” typescript
  • “Death The Revealer” typescript
  • “At Stratford-On-Avon” typescript
“In Grasmere Churchyard St George’s Day, 1916”
“Shakespeare Day” 2 copies ms [Eleanor’s writing] & typescript, no year
“William Shakespeare April 23” ms [Edith’s writing], 2 copies typescript, no year
Poetry from 1918
RR/3/2 Notebook entitled "Poems of HDR written out by EFR" Some poems dated May 1918 - June 1919. One entry added for 1 June 1920 re HDR's body laid to rest in Crosthwaite Churchyard
RR/3/8 “The Vale of Rest Grasmere 1920” typescript
RR/3/8 “Crosthwaite Churchyard, [March 29th, 1920]”
Correspondence re HDR’s Poetry
RR/3/5 Letter from J & J Bennett of The Century Press, London, to HDR re specimen pages for his War Poems book, 12 April 1915
RR/3/5 Postcard from HDR, [not his writing] Crosthwaite, to Editor of The Guardian re an alteration to a line of a hymn, 19 April 1916
RR/3/5 Letter from AH Symonds at 64 Banbury Road, Oxford to Eleanor enclosing sonnets by HDR 8 November 1920”
RR/3/5 Letter from Christina Hills at Easdale House, Grasmere to Eleanor enclosing a poem by HDR [not sure which one was enclosed] 8 February 1932”
Misc Poetry
RR/3/8 Photograph of Alfred, Lord Tennyson's poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade" with annotations
RR/3/8 4 lines of poetry beginning "How are the mighty fallen & laid low!" [? Edith's writing] 7 December 1916
RR/3/8 Copy [by Eleanor?] of the verse written on Richard Tregeare's gravestone at Crowan Churchyard, Cornwall in 1668. Written on the back of Grand Parc Hotel de la Poste, Beatenberg, writing paper No date”

HDR - Printed Articles, Visits, Projects, Interests
Printed Articles - Ecclesiastical
RR/3/9 "The Church of England Pulpit and Ecclesiastical Review" Vol XLIX containing an article by HDR "A Poet's Example" January - June 1900
RR/3/9 "Pernicious Literature" An address by HDR at the Guild Conference of The United Free Church at Hawick 19 November 1910
Printed Articles
RR/3/9 From "Education" magazine, HDR's article on "The War and Education"
12 May 1916
RR/3/9 "Wordsworth as an Educationist" by HDR No date
RR/3/9 Extract from the Encyclopaedia of Education "Cumberland and Westmoreland Wrestling" by HDR 22 September 1920”
Book Reviews
RR/3/10 Newspaper cuttings of reviews
  • "Memories of the Tennysons" 2 items November 1900
  • "Chapters at the English Lakes" 3 cuttings 1913
  • "The European War, 1914-1915" 2 cuttings
Visit to Moscow 1896
RR/3/11 Material, mainly in Russian, relating to HDR & Edith's visit to Moscow for the Coronation of the Czar in May 1896
  • Invitations for 12 May 1896, with sketches by ?Edith on the back
  • Tickets for the Coronation 14 May 1896
  • Invitations for 16 May 1896
  • 4 tickets
  • Card with picture of a Czar
  • Booklet containing details of the Czars
  • Moscow newspaper with illustrations of the Coronation 14 May
  • Letter to HDR in Russian
  • Letter from [WHM Waters] at the British Embassy, St Petersburg, to HDR at the Hotel de Paris [with HDR or Edith's notes in pencil on the envelope] 24 June 1896
  • Empty envelope from the British Embassy in St Petersburg [Waters handwriting] addressed to Canon Rawnsley at Crosthwaite Vicarage, posted 12 June 1896
  • Empty envelope with Russian writing on the front
The Caedmon Cross 1898
RR/3/12 Article from "The Builders Journal" 7 December 1898
Coronation Bonfires 1902-1911
RR/0/2/1 Large bound volume entitled "Bonfires 1902 Extracts Newspaper Cuttings etc"
RR/3/13 Enclosures: Postcard of Bedfordshire Lace Makers with their names written on the back, no date; Letter from Hodgson at Lightburne, Ulverstone to HDR re their bonfire and a copy of telegrams sent between them 25 June 1902; 2 letters from Lucal Limited and a catalogue of their lamps, 16 & 18 April 1902; typescript minutes of a meeting re bonfires & expenses, no date [? 1911] ; Flier for HDR's book of the Coronation Bonfires, 1911
RR/0/2/2 "Coronation Bonfires June 22nd 1911" Bound volume of newspaper cuttings. Also contains a map of Britain with bonfires marked in red 29 March - 6 May 1911
RR/0/2/3 Album of newspaper cuttings May - July 1911
[contains letter 25 June 1902 & postcard of lace makers]
RR/4/9 "The Book of the Coronation Bonfires" compiled & edited by Rev Canon Rawnsley MA. Contains nearly 100 illustrations of bonfires. Bound volume in red presentation box 22 June 1911
Grasmere Rushbearing Picture 1913
RR/7/9 Papers relating to the purchase of the painting of Grasmere Rushbearing by Frank Bramley. Includes letters from HDR, Gertrude Simpson & others to Miss Badley, typescript copy of letter from HDR to Frank Bramley, a transcript of Mrs Bramley's letter to Canon Rawnsley on receipt of a cheque for £500 for the picture & lists of subscribers
c20 items 27 January - 27 March 1913
First World War / War Memorials
RR/12/11 Newspaper cuttings on First World War. Includes: poem “Ad Fratrem” by GA Rimington, n.d; article on death of Captain John Charles Hodgson of Keswick, 9 July 1915; “The touching story of a gallant German” [HDR’s poem in RR/12/9] c20 items, September 1914 – c August 1915
RR/3/15 Broadgate Meadow War Memorial. Printed announcement for building a War Memorial to those who fought in the First World War and request for contributions. HDR is Hon Sec post 25 January 1920
Interests – Schools / Festivities / Meetings
RR/3/15 Secondary Schools Association For England. First Annual Report [HDR is Hon Sec] February 1909
RR/3/15 Printed programme of Festivities at Keswick in celebration of the Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary on 22 June 1911
RR/3/15 Convocation of York. Printed Notices of Motion for meeting on
11 February 1920
Sketches / Cartoons of HDR
RR/3/16 Pencil sketch of Hardie as a child, in envelope [by ?] 10 May 1853
RR/3/16 Pencil sketch of snowman made at Halton by the family January 1869
RR/3/17 Postcard of the Grand Stand during the Guides Race at the Grasmere Sports 1869
RR/3/17 Cutting of a cartoon entitled "To the Rescue! Snowdon, Derwentwater, and the Green Park are all threatened by the Demon of Destruction!" signed EH, no date
RR/3/17 Newspaper cutting from "Manchester Evening Chronicle" of a cartoon featuring HDR protesting against the Manchester Corporation cutting down oak wood on the shores of Thirlmere 26 January 1911
RR/3/17 Coloured sketch of HDR on small card with "St John's Vicarage, Windermere" in top right corner. Entitled "Grasmere 1913. The Presiding Genius"
RR/3/18 Ms copy of a letter belonging to the Kelly family which was copied from the original letter of Publius Lentutus at Rome, concerning Jesus Christ [Damaged - the page is in two halves. Looks early] No date
RR/3/18 Pencil sketch of a man's head No date
RR/3/18 Postcard of Frederic Mistral with envelope No date
RR/3/18 Page with illustrations of early Roman coins from c145 BC to 70 AD
RR/3/18 Typed essay entitled "The Bric a brac Hunter" in Italy, by Mrs Bertha Jennings [Brauely] c/o 28 Via della Vigua Nuova, Florence, Italy
No date
RR/3/18 Calling card for "Mme Elisa Quenin Guide des Baux No 2 Autorise par M le Maire des Baux. Les Baux (B-du-R)" No date

Fletcher & Willock Pedigrees/Hollins Material
RR/4/1 "The Hollins Leases 1756-1829 and Reminiscences of the Hollins 1830-1842" [probably written by James Watkins, Edith Rawnsley's first cousin, son of her father's sister Mary Fletcher] Bound Typescript. 2 copies [one copy contains the Fletcher Pedigree at end] May 1902
RR/4/2 Fletcher Family History. Family tree with notes
RR/4/2 Copy of a portrait of John Fletcher (4 march 1727 - 2 March 1806)
RR/4/3 Letter from [Ellen Harding nee Willock] to John Fletcher [Edith's father. Mentions a memoir, suggests the name "Wingfield" for John Fletcher's son, who was later called Walter, & writes about being 16th in descent from Edward 1st & Queen Eleanor through the Wingfields. Includes a Willock Pedigree traced through the Wingfield line ] 25 January 1850
RR/4/3 Mrs Fletcher's Pedigree. Copy of the Willock pedigree traced back to Edward 1st through the Wingfield line 25 March 1892
Alice Fletcher
RR/4/4 Alice Fletcher's book of extracts from religious & philosophical texts & her own personal thoughts, mainly written at Waterhead, Windermere 1860-1870
RR/4/5 Alice Fletcher's Journal of a 3rd tour in Switzerland with Mrs [Reiss]
31 July - 20 September 1868
RR/4/6 Letter from John Ruskin to Alice Fletcher, with envelope, 1876 [between 18 & 30 December 1876 added in pencil
RR/4/6 Bound proofs of Sonnets by HDR in memory of Alice Fletcher
24 February 1884
RR/4/6 Hymn by HDR sung at the grave of Alice Fletcher at Brathay Churchyard, 26 February 1884
RR/4/6 Letter from Gerard Baldwin Brown at 126 Princes Street to Edith re Alice Fletcher's death 2 March 1884
Herbert Fletcher
RR/4/7 Newspaper cutting re Herbert Fletcher's death [brother of Edith]
September 1895
RR/4/8 "Journal of Visit to the Holy Land March 1875" [mentions Herbert - possibly he accompanied the author] 22 March-29 May 1875
Edith Fletcher - Pre Marriage to HDR
RR/5/1 Edith Fletcher's diary of a Continental holiday
24 August - 12 October 1865
RR/5/2 An amusing poem entitled "We are Seven" describing the assent of Scawfell Pike by a party of seven [Edith Fletcher, Clara Fell, Fanny Ridgeway, Mistress Peel, & three gentlemen Wollaston, Strickland & Frederic Girdlestone. Includes ink & wash drawings, possibly by Edith, and photograph of the party at the beginning] No date [c 1875?]
RR/5/3 Letter from Elizabeth Fletcher at Croft, Ambleside to her daughter Edith Fletcher, written the day before Edith's marriage to HDR
28 January 1878
Edith Fletcher / Rawnsley - Diaries/Journals
RR/5/4 Edith's "Small Journal kept during travel in the East for private reminder, Hardwicke's being a full & detailed acct" [She notes down where they camped & time taken to get there] 23 January - March 1879
RR/5/5 Edith's diary of the Holy Land beginning March/April 1879
RR/5/6 Small brown notebook containing sketches of views, plants, artefacts etc from their travels in the East. A few loose pages inserted, one of which contains 2 red wax seals 1879
RR/5/7 Small Memorandum Book with metal clasp, Wray Vicarage. Includes pencil sketches, lists of expenses. January - July [1879]
RR/5/8 Red notebook entitled "Yorkshire Drive 1885" Edith's account of a journey 24 August 1885
RR/5/9-12 4 diaries of Edith Rawnsley:
  • 1912 appointments
  • 1913 appointments
  • 1915
  • 1916 appointments
RR/5/13 Small Cash Book of Tours in Italy, France & Switzerland 1898-1912
RR/5/14 Red Memorandum Book from Crosthwaite Vicarage. Enclosures include: calling card for Mrs Hardwicke D Rawnsley; newspaper cutting re bequest to HDR from The Hon Mrs Anne Adelaide Noel of Lamcote House, Notts; list of plants; blank cheque; cash/expenses
c 1905/1906
RR/5/15 Memorandum Book from Crosthwaite Vicarage. No date
Early Waterolours / Sketches - Edith Fletcher
RR/11/1 Early watercolours signed Edith Fletcher:
  • No title, 11 March 1874
  • From Lily Tarn, December 1874
  • Similar to above, no date or title
  • Oten Fell, 31 August 1875
  • Merrington, 11 October 1875
  • On Loughrigg, pencil sketch, 8 September 1876
  • [-ull] 2 October 1876
  • [S----] 15 December 1876
  • From near Cannes, 1877
  • Skegness, 1 November 1877
RR/0/5/1 Watercolour of lemons, mounted, Naples, 26 December 1876
RR/0/5/1 The Sabine Hills, watercolour, mounted, 28 January 1877
RR/0/5/1 Pen & ink sketches of plants, 1 page dated Sorrento, 4 January 1877 & Amalfi, 7 January 1877
RR/0/5/2 Clovelly, mounted, 6 October 1877
RR/6/1 Small sketch book labelled “Edith Fletcher 3 September 1868” Includes views of Italy & pencil sketches of plants, 1868-1877
RR/0/5/3 Studies of plants: Bog Bean pencil sketch, 22 May [1878]; Lauristinus leaves; apples; pitcher plant; Eucalyptus, 7 December 1881; branch with leaves & a charcoal drawing on the reverse
Small Sketch Books - Edith Rawnsley
RR/5/21 Views of Egypt 1891; details from Karnak & monasteries; pencil sketch by Noel 1890
RR/6/2 Views of Egypt & the Lake District, 1890-1893
RR/6/3 Views of Italy; details of carvings; Pictish stone near Arbroath; sketch of lion by Noel, August 1892; 1892-1893
RR/6/4 Views of St Petersburg, Moscow, Stockholm, Upsala, 1896
RR/6/5 Contains 2 watercolours, no date
RR/6/6 Views of Venice, Lake District, 1903-1906
RR/6/7 Views of Italy, 1905-1912 Includes a small printed leaflet "A Call to Prayer to Men and Women with regard to the present situation in the Women's Suffrage Movement" May 1913
RR/6/8 Views of the Lake District; Dunnabeck 1911
RR/6/9 Views of Venice, Goathland, 1912-1913
RR/6/10 Views of Italy, Chamonix, 1913-1914
Middle East Watercolours, 1879 & 1891
RR/0/6/2 11 mounted, mainly watercolours: • Port Said and Gebel Attaka, 4 & 13 February 1879 • Wady el Ithen, 13 March [1879] • Plain of Kuwera, going to Petra, [pencil sketch] 15 March 1879 • Petra, 18 March 1879 • Plain of El Bkaah, 22 April 1879 • Wady Sunt, 30 April 1879 • Springs of Afka, 7 may 1879 • From Nazareth looking over Plain of Esdradow, 10 May 1879 • Nahr el Kelb looking north, 1 June 1879 • Phalerum, 16 June 1879
RR/11/2 14 small watercolours with titles & dates, 24 January – 19 June 1879
RR/11/3 2 watercolours, Approach to Nakhl & Fort of Nakhl, probably 1879
RR/11/4 8 watercolours February-March 1891; Lipari Isles 8am, & Etna, both 2 February 1891; Beni Hasran, 15 February 1891; Pyramids 7 & 13 February; Hill of the Winds, 3 March 1891; Pyramids nd; view nd
RR/11/4 4 pencil sketches: two of Messina, 2 February 1891; two unknown
RR/0/5/4 Watercolours of Middle East, 1891: Tell al [Awarna], 16 February; from Karnak, 24 February 1891; Luxor; Egypt; below Philae, page with 2 watercolours, one labelled “Evening on the Nile”; two no title
RR/5/20 Small sketch book, mainly Egypt, Greece. Includes pencil sketches of detailed repousse work, February-March 1891 & watercolour of Rugby, 27 March 1895
RR/0/3/3 Large watercolour of the Acropolis. No date
Home & Abroad – Watercolour Sketches
RR/5/18 Edith's better watercolour sketches mounted in a volume. Binding disintegrated so pages are loose. Contains views of the Italian Lakes, Bavaria, Switzerland, Cornwall, Lake District, including a view from the terrace at Crosthwaite Vicarage before the new study was built, 1 May 1901. Views cover 1883-1910
RR/6/11 Folder containing c 37 watercolour sketches & 3 pencil sketches. Includes the Alps, Italy, Lake District, view from the garden at Crosthwaite 25 May 1905, Garden Gate Crosthwaite, view from the Argles garden Babbacombe. Includes Derwentwater & Blencathra from Brandelhow signed CR, no date [? Catherine Rawnsley] 1892-1908
RR/5/17 6 larger watercolour views, mainly of Switzerland, 2 of which are dated 13 May 1892 & 28 June 1896
RR/5/16 20 pages of pencil sketches by Edith Rawnsley [views of places abroad such as Perugia & Assisi, details of carvings, sketch of a cross on writing paper printed with 7 University Gardens Glasgow] From bound red volume of Coronation Bonfires. Sketch of a Convent in Perugia dated 29 May 1898
RR/6/12 Book of watercolours by Edith. Subjects include: Eton Chapel; Lake District; Assisi; Perugia; b/w portrait sketches of HDR dated 20 August 1906; Moscow [binding coming loose]
1893 - 1908
RR/5/19 Pressed flower [from one of the sketch books or journals]
Mainly Switzerland, Italy, Alpine Views
RR/11/5 11 Watercolours of abroad, no mounts: Lucerne,8 May 1892; Rigi with Noel, 12 May 1892; from Belvedere Lugano, 15 May 1894; Simplon, no date; Sermione; Assient, 17 February [1901 or 1891?]; Riva, 27 October 1905; 4 watercolours, no titles or dates
RR/0/5/5 5 Mounted views of Alps:
from Mo[rsenach] May 1895; Mt [G---fluh] with Mount d‘Or to left [Ch---se to right] July 1895; The Loch Pass from Engstten Alp at 4am, 22 June 1904; on the Marssen route, 5 July 1904; Lucerne pencil sketch
RR/0/5/6 17 Watercolours of Alps, unmounted:
Above Baumgarton Thun, May 1892; Thun before the Thunerhof was built, May 1892; Thun, no date; Sehyrige [---tie], 22 June 1896; on the way over Alps, 30 June 1896; going up Engelberg; Fort of Rigi; Beatenberg; five of Montreux; from [Leysai] looking towards Diablerets; three alpine views
RR/0/5/7 8 Watercolours France / Italy:
Two of Cannes; Pisa; from [Risa]; Assisi; Venice; from Sacro Monte; above Dos [D’aur], 24 September
RR/0/6/3 Perugia from Hotel [Br-fani], unmounted watercolour, May 1898
RR/0/6/4 8 mounted views of Alps:
  • On the Sano Monte, 17 June 1894
  • Sano Monte, 18 June [1894]
  • The Gasteruthat near Kandusteg, 10 June 1895
  • At Leysin sur Aigle, 23 June 1895
  • The end of the Rhone Valley, July 1895
  • 4.30am from the Kleine Scheidegg, 12 June 1904
  • Blue Sunrise 4am, [unframed] 14 June 1904
  • The Wetterhorn from the Kleine Scheidegg, 14 June 1904
RR/11/6 8 Watercolours, mainly Alps, mounted: Kleine Scheidegg [1896]; Pilatus in storm from Stany, 11 May 1899; Riva, 30 May 1899; Inusbruch, 29 May 1900;; Chinon Fort du Moulin, 15 June 1902; at Beatenberg, 16 May 1903; Wetterhorn from Engstten Alp, 23 June 1904; no title, 16 June 1906
RR/11/7 7 watercolours mounted: the [Tochli] Pass near Engelberg, 6 June; near Engelberg; Wetterhorn from Kleine Scheidegg; Urigen on the Klausenroute; three no titles
RR/0/6/3 3 Alpine views in dark brown mounts:
  • No title, no date
  • Cascade de [Cavalli--] 9 March [year hidden by frame]
  • Riji Kid[hidden by frame] 28 May 1903
RR/L/3 Shelf 10 large mounted views of Alps:
  • The [Spauort] Engelberg, 17 May 1893
  • From road near Beatenberg, 2 June 1893
  • From above [Sisikor], May 1895
  • The Rigi from Stoos, 29 May 1895
  • From [Wingeta] Alp, 8 June 1895
  • From Beatenberg, 10 June 1895
  • Dent du Midi from Leysiu sur Aigle, July 1895
  • From [the Little Scheidegg], 17 June 1896
  • The Certosa, Florence, [May] 1898
  • Pilatus from Rigi Scheidegg, 18 June 1898
RR/0/5/8 4 Watercolours, mounted: Acqui, Italy; view mounted on board with Edith’s notes on colours on the reverse; worm damaged view; view
RR/11/8 7 pencil sketches for “Flowertime in the Oberland” by HDR, published 1904 & an envelope containing approved prints & artists proofs
? by Edith
RR/11/9 St Peter’s, Rome, 1877 [Not sure if this is by Edith. It has “copy” bottom right corner & note on reverse of mount & “June 1882” on reverse
RR/11/9 Market Place, Caen mounted coloured pencil sketch [by Edith?]
Mainly Britain – Watercolour Sketches
RR/11/10 11 watercolours c1878-1882:
Mountain view, 25 April 1878; mountain view 2 September 1880; St Bees Head, 11 October 1880; cliffs 15 October; sea view nd; trees, 10 November 1880; the last remaining stone of the Druid’s Circle, 31 October 1881; from Didsbury, 28 January 1882 [on reverse in pencil “Be the day weary or never so long At length it ringeth to evensong”]; no title [mountain scene], 23 June 1882; from the high field Halton, August 1882; from the Nun’s Walk Winchester, 23 August 1882
RR/11/11 14 watercolours, 1884-1888: Farringford from High Down, 18 January 1884; from Lambert’s Hotel, Freshwater, 19 January 1884; Alum Beg, 20 January 1884; Whitby Old Church, 12 August 1884; [Ke----] August 1884; St Bees Head, 6 April 1885; St Bees Head, 7 May 1885; Land’s End, May 1886; Linlithgow, 28 April 1887; Vicarage, 25 May 1887; from Vicarage Terrace, no date; Stony Cross, 29 August 1887; St Davids 16 August [1888]; Clovelly, 1888
RR/11/12 9 watercolours, 1893-1900: S. [Tu-no], 27 October 1893; [O—Head Pass, 13 August 1894; LLwyngwirl, October 1994; Windsor Castle, October 1994; Hengurt, 20 October 1894; Tyn y [-----], 11 May 1897; near Hengurt, 17 May 1897; [Egin] Moor Yorks. From beyond Whitby, 1897; [Oxenholme] 1 November 1900
RR/0/5/9 8 Larger watercolours, most with title & date:
Itchen Abbas, 24 August 1882; Runswick, 9 August 1884; Tantallon Castle, 14 August 1890; Bass Rock from Canty Bay, August 1890; Aberlady Bay, September 1890; Louhgrigg, mounted, November 1893; [Ruvwick] 1897; On Loughrigg above Croft, mounted, 1898 [some worm holes]
RR/11/13 Watercolour of Halton Holgate Churchyard showing a recent burial. No date
RR/11/14 10 watercolours, no titles or dates. Includes poem in HDR’s hand on the reverse of a sea view
RR/11/15 20 watercolours, no titles, no dates
RR/11/16 23 watercolours with places, no dates. Includes: Saltburn, Llandudno; La Corbiere Guernsey; [Eperquerie]; St Andrews; New Forest; Beaulieu; Leven; Whitby; Sark
RR/0/5/10 9 watercolours with places, no dates. Includes: Bass Rock, mounted; Whitby mounted; near Canty Bay; near North Berwick; Bamburgh; above Bolton Abbey
RR/0/5/11 6 large watercolours, no titles, no dates
RR/11/17 Cornflowers, crayon sketch
RR/11/17 Unfinished watercolour
RR/11/17 Copy of a Turner sketch, no date
Watercolours by Others
RR/0/6/5 Untitled watercolour of a view by Grace Heathcote, no date
Watercolour view of [? Lake District] by HMM, 7 September 1878
2 mounted [impressionist] crayon sketches of London with pencil sketches on the reverse, by HMM, 1881
“The White lady of Dunnabeck” 1918, watercolour by [? GP or GH]. On reverse “The White Lady of Dunnabeck Sold – to Canon Rawnsley”
“Ida” by Francesca Alexander [pen & ink] portrait, no date
St Rules, St Andrews by A Dundas, mounted, no date
“An evening sky at Barmouth” by GQP Talbot, 1882 [damage to left corner]
Misc Items from the Watercolour Folders
RR/0/6/6 Printed illustration of a cast bronze statuette of Satan overthrown and portion of a cast bronze tap, from South Kensington Museum
Illustration of an apothecary
Print of a view by Eduard Schleich
RR/10/7 Items found in the folios: brown paper wrapper with label addressed to Miss Twelves, Keswick, from Jon Harris & Sons Cockermouth, 2 April 1890; label “sketches by E Rawnsley with Clovelly sketch taken 1877”; 6 titles from mounts of Alpine views
Edith Rawnsley - Photograph Albums
RR/0/3/1 Large photograph album containing photos of: the Lake District; Croft; Wray Castle; Battle Abbey & Hastings; Isle of Wight; Welbeck; Whitby; Cathedrals; views of Switzerland; photo of a wedding at High Street Lancaster; Noel at Crosthwaite Vicarage; pictures of works of art; illustration of bonfires in Trafalgar Square, 12 November 1918 [loose in volume]
1873 - [1898]
RR/0/3-4 5 large photos HDR & Edith and party on camels at the tomb of the Khalifs, Cairo [dated from Edith’s Journal RR/5/5] 10 February 1879
RR/0/3/2 Large photograph album containing photos of: Wray Vicarage; St Margarets Church; Halton Holgate; Brathay; Fircroft Uppingham (WFR's house); views of Lake District; Wales; Scotland; John Bright & Rupert Potter at Wray Castle 22 September 1882; Rupert Potter August 1885; Glenthorne; Sark; Clovelly; HDR taken by Rupert Potter at Lingholme 1885; Whitby; Crosthwaite Church & Vicarage; Italy & Switzerland; the Nile; Noel & HDR at Crosthwaite Vicarage, August 1885; John Bright taken by Rupert Potter 11 September 1885; HDR, Noel, Mr & Mrs Frank Marshall, Elaine Blunt & Edith’s mother at Crosthwaite Vicarage, 22 August 1885; Noel on the terrace at Crosthwaite Vicarage 22 August 1885; group of boys at Park Hill June 1890; HDR & Noel at Lingholme with tortoise, 22 July 1885; Sir John Millais, 29 August 1881; HDR & cross on Skiddaw; JS Ostle at Lingholme 1887; Pall worked for funeral of Alfred Lord Tennyson; 9 loose photos of the Lake District, three by Fred Turner
[Some photos missing: HDR, Noel & Miss Potter at Lingholme, 1885 or 1887; Rupert Potter & family at Wray Castle, September 1882 (copies of both in Harry Ruckley album RR/O/4/1); John Bright; Mrs Joseph Howell & children 1892] 1897 - 1898
RR/0/1/3 Large Photograph album containing photos of HDR & Edith's holiday in Italy, beginning with Pisa 6 May - 24 June 1898

Noel Rawnsley - Birth
RR/7/1 Newspaper cutting announcing the birth of a son on 14 December 1880
RR/7/1 Congratulatory letters on the birth of Noel December 1880- January 1881
  • 17 January from [?] at RHA Barracks, Aldershot
  • 18 December from [?] at 15 [---] Terrace, Clifton
  • 1 January from [EMB] enclosing a poem on the Baby
  • 18 December from Arnold [?] at 15 [Blo---], York
  • 23 December from [G Parker] St Georges Vicarage, Barrow in Furness
  • 1 January - 2 letters from [?] at 18 Coll[?] to Edith & HDR [saying she cannot be a Godmother to Noel because of prior engagements]
  • From Edith C Hegan at 17 Kensington Palace Gardens
  • 15 December from Helen at 5 Redcliffe Gardens
  • 24 & 29 December - 2 letters from Reginald W Macan at 1 Cavendish Terrace, Prince's Park
  • 15 December from CJH at Bucknells, Watford
  • 28 December from Alfred R Tucker at Woodlands, Ambleside
  • 16 December from Alice [Fl---] at Rydal Hall
  • 21 December from Julia Firth at Seathwaite Rayne, Ambleside
  • 15 December from Gerard Baldwin Brown at Streatham Hill
  • 18 December from [E] Baldwin Brown at Streatham Hill
  • 18 December from [Paul A Barnet] at St Judes Vicarage
  • 21 & 28 December - 2 letters from Edward Thring at The School House Uppingham
  • 23 December from C Beisiegel at Sunny Park, Uppingham
  • 31 December from EA Fuller at St Barnabas Vicarage, Bristol
  • 23 December from John H [Skrine] at Monkton Farley, Bradford on Avon
  • 2 letters from Rebecca Self at Halton, one dated 26 December
RR/7/1 Congratulatory letters from Rawnsleys at Halton Rectory:
  • 14 December from Drummond Rawnsley at Halton
  • 14 December from Catherine Rawnsley at Halton
  • 15 December from Catherine Rawnsley to Alice [Fletcher]
  • 26 December from Drummond Rawnsley at Halton Rectory [refers to the gap in the family since last Xmas, ie loss of Arthur]
  • 16 January from Drummond, Catherine, Walter, John & Ethel Rawnsley at Halton Rectory, Spilsby
  • December from Ethel Rawnsley at Halton Rectory
  • 1[9] December from Frances (Fanny) Rawnsley at Halton
RR/7/1 Congratulatory letters from Rawnsleys, Fletchers, Burnsides, Franklins:
  • 15 December from Alice Rawnsley at Winton House, Winchester
  • From WFR at Winton House
  • 18 December from Sophie [Chaplin] at 33 Coleherne Rd, West Brompton
  • 21 December from Edward Preston Rawnsley at Raithby Hall
  • 21 December from Herbert [?Fletcher] at Ellesmere Park, Eccles
  • 30 December from Charlotte Fletcher at 3 Burwood Place London
  • 20 December from C Fletcher at [Easedale] House
  • 20 December from [JS] Burnside at Gedling House, Nottingham
  • 22 December from William Elliott Burnside at Lamcote House
  • 17 December from FL Franklin at Syston Old Hall [cousin?]
  • From Edith Franklin at The Old Hall, Syston, Grantham [cousin?]
RR/7/1 Lock of Noel's hair 24 May 1884
Noel Rawnsley - Correspondence
RR/7/1 Noel's essay on Alcestis No date
RR/7/1 Letter from Noel to his father [he writes "If you must come to the speech day tomorrow dont make a silly old fool of a windbag of your self by trying to correct Saton again ..." He ends with a drawing of a canon blowing out wind] No date ? c 1890
RR/7/1 Noel Rawnsley's Diary written in a notebook with a list of expenses in ? his mother's handwriting at the back. Includes Noel's list of "My Menagery". Monday 18 April 1892 - 23 April 1892
RR/7/1a Letter Noel to his mother Edith with his first poetry [in HDR’s hand] no date
RR/7/1 Printed letter from J Percival, head of Rugby School [re bad behaviour in school] 1894
RR/7/1 Letter from Noel at School House, Rugby to his Father HDR [not enjoying Rugby] 1 November 1897
RR/7/1 4 letters from Noel to his mother Edith, the first two from Hall Farm, Shinley, Derby & the second two from [Nates] Rd, Kegworth, Derby
  • 6 May 1899 [desperately wanting to get started on a farm]
  • 22 May 1899 [unhappy on the farm]
  • 10 September 1899 [re Violet]
  • 14 September 1899 [re Violet]
Noel Rawnsley - Painting
RR/0/6/1 Brandelhow, Skiddaw [mounted watercolour] by Noel H Rawnsley 1901
Noel Rawnsley - Marriage
RR/7/1 2 invitations to the wedding of Noel Rawnsley & Violet Cutbill at North Cray Parish Church, Kent on 11 July 1903
RR/7/1 Sonnet by HDR to Noel & Violet on their wedding day 11 July 1903
RR/7/1 Letter from Noel & Violet at Laleham, Nr Staines to HDR following their wedding 13 July 1903
RR/7/1 2 letters from Ann Cutbill at Ruxley Cottage, North Cray to HDR & Edith following the marriage of Noel & Violet 14 July 1903

Death of HDR
RR/7/2 Funeral service for HDR [? In Carlisle Cathedral] d 28 May 1920
Letters re Death of HDR
RR/7/3 Letters to Eleanor re death of HDR
  • Letter from Ethel Rawnsley at 8 Norham Gardens, Oxford 3 June 1920
  • Letter from Fanny Rawnsley at 8 Norham Gardens, Oxford 4 June 1920
  • 2 letters from Willingham Rawnsley at Shamley Green, Guildford, 3 & 4 June 1920 [letter of 4 June encloses a letter from their oldest Franklin relative Canon Wright, nephew of Sir John Franklin - letter missing]
  • Poem on HDR by AM Harris 29 May 1920
Memorials to HDR
RR/7/2 Carlisle Diocesan Gazette with a memorial address by the Dean of Carlisle Cathedral to the late Canon Rawnsley July 1920
RR/7/2 Printed notice of the unveiling of a Memorial to HDR in Carlisle Cathedral on 22 October 1923 by the Very Rev WF Norris, Dean of York
RR/7/2 Typescript page of receipts & expenditure for a Memorial to Canon Rawnsley 13 December 1923
RR/7/2 Receipt from the Diocese of Carlisle for fees paid for a Faculty granted to Mrs Rawnsley for placing a Memorial Tablet in the Parish Church of Grasmere. Issued 18 December 1923 & money received 4 January 1924
RR/7/2 Photograph of HDR's Memorial in Crosthwaite Church [recent]
RR/7/2 Letter from J Sharpe Ostle at Skelton Rectory, Penrith re Canon Rawnsley Memorial & the establishment of a prize at the Carlisle Girls' High School for the encouragement of Applied Art. Typescript
1 February 1924
RR/7/4 Newspaper cuttings
  • 2 cuttings re HDR's will & bequests
  • 8 cuttings re Memorial Tablet in Borrowdale stone for Crosthwaite Church 1923-1924
  • Page from Crosthwaite Parish Magazine re Memorial Tablet July 1924
  • 4 cuttings re purchase of Friar's Crag by the National Trust in memory of HDR 1920-1921
  • 8 cuttings re HDR & acquisitions of land by the National Trust c 1925 - 1945
  • From "The Georgian" magazine of St George's School, Harpenden re two silver Patens in memory of HDR, with photo of them July 1931
  • From the Manchester Guardian, article on Canon Rawnsley 28 September 1951
  • From the Lincolnshire Chronicle, article "Priest and Poet" c1951
  • From the Lancashire Evening Post, article entitled "Watch-dog of the Lake District" 27 September 1957
HDR - Estate
RR/7/5 Book containing an Inventory of Silver & Plated Silver at Allan Bank, made by W Stalker for probate, July 1920. Includes a list of silver belonging to Eleanor Rawnsley. Notes show that the list was checked regularly, the last check made in May 1942
RR/7/5 Catalogue for the sale of HDR's furniture & pictures at the Queen's Hall, Carlisle on 25 August 1920
Eleanor Rawnsley - Correspondence
RR/7/6 Letter from Edna Bayly, author Edna Lyall at Fairy Glen to Mrs Simpson, Eleanor's mother 2 September 1899
RR/7/6 Letter from E Marion Bryce at The Scawfell Hotel, Rosthwaite, Keswick to Eleanor 2 June 1919
RR/7/6 Letter from [Bartram Carr] at Burgh House, Burgh by Sands, Carlisle to Eleanor 22 June 1919
RR/7/6 2 cards from WFR to Eleanor
  • 13 January 1919
  • 7 May 1921 [re his mother Catherine's childhood with the Burnsides & Sellwoods]
RR/7/6 Card from Margaret Arden [to Eleanor] re whisky sent by the Ardens
No date
RR/7/6 Letter from AW Rumney at Skiddaw [Cottage], Keswick to Eleanor enclosing a postcard from Vernon Blake 17 May 1920
RR/7/6 Letter from [Amy Cod] at 35 Kensington Square to "Nellie"
9 July 1920
RR/7/6 Letter from Hugh Falconer at 10 Edenmount, Stanwix to Eleanor [nonconformist minister in Carlisle - re memories of HDR]
25 November 1922
RR/7/6 Letter from Emma Tate at [Cynderns'] Cottage, Crosthwaite to Eleanor [re a comment about HDR made by a workman who was painting railings] 12 September 1925
RR/7/6 Letter from John Randles at Bristowe Hill, Keswick to Eleanor giving a list of subscriptions towards a scheme to restrict building. Typescript 20 August 1929
RR/7/6 Letter from AW [Tange] at Broughton Vicarage, Eccleshall, Staffs to Eleanor. Typescript 9 September 1929
RR/7/6 2 letters from John Richardson Reynolds at Struan, Beaconsfield Road, Blackheath to Eleanor [writes about the Rolleston Memoir & mentions Sir Humphry in first letter, and family connections in second letter]
3 & 4 December 1930
RR/7/6 3 letters from Fanny Rawnsley at 8 Norham Gardens, Oxford to Eleanor [mentions David Rawnsley's patrol boat getting rammed and sunk] In envelope dated 4 March 1940
RR/7/6 Letter from Alice Godman at South Lodge, Horsham to Eleanor at Allan Bank re Fanny's death 26 March 1941
RR/7/6 Letter from Frances Woodward at the Scott Polar Research Institute to Eleanor Rawnsley re two manuscripts which WFR used for his biography of Lady Franklin and are missing from the papers left to the SPRI by Jessie Lefroy in 1941 11 March 1941
RR/7/6 Letter from Bruce Thompson at Yew Tree Cottage, Troutbeck, Windermere to Eleanor Rawnsley which was sent with his book “The Lake District and The National Trust” 7 April 1946 [kindly donated to the Rawnsley Archive, October 2023]
RR/7/6 Letter from Geoffrey Hayes at Heather Nook, Ambleside to Eleanor enclosing a cutting with the poem by HDR which was sent out to all service men in their Xmas parcels in 1916 [Cutting missing]
19 December 1956
Sir Reginald May
RR/7/7 Letter from Sir Reginald May to Phoebe Johnson (ne May) re family history of Franklins/Mays, 26 April 1952; Letter from [?] to Eleanor Rawnsley re Belinda May/Thomas Franklin, no date; Family tree to show the connection with Sir Reginald May; 2 pages of notes
RR/7/7 Newspaper cutting. Obituary of Sir Reginald May 30 October 1958
Eleanor Rawnsley - Misc
RR/7/6 Misc items:
  • 3 prayers, ms 16 June 1924
  • Page with accounts ms no date
  • Eleanor Rawnsley's leather writing folder
Eleanor Rawnsley - Kelsick Grammar School
RR/7/8 Norman Millican's letter of application for the Head Mastership of Kelsick's Grammar School, Ambleside 21 April 1926
RR/7/8 Typed report on Kelsick Grammar School speech Day. Prizes presented by Eleanor Rawnsley 1929
Eleanor Rawnsley – The Ruskin Society
RR/7/8 2 letters from J Howard Whitehouse, President of the Ruskin Society, to Eleanor re invitation to join the Advisory Committee & attend the opening ceremony at Brantwood, 31 March & 9 April 1934
Booklet “Brantwood The Home of John Ruskin A brief statement of its foundation as a national memorial to Ruskin” Includes Mrs Rawnsley on the list of the Advisory Committee
Eleanor Rawnsley - Interest in local dialect
RR/7/9 2 cuttings re Eleanor Rawnsley's lecture on "Letters and Letter Writing"
  • Keswick Literary Society 13 October 1928
  • Grasmere Citizens Association 10 December 1932
RR/7/9 Cutting from "Cumberland News" re Cumberland Neet Committee to promote local dialect 10 October 1936
Newspaper Cuttings / Printed Material / Obituaries
RR/7/10 Obituary of John Franklin Rawnsley from the Uppingham School Magazine by WFR December 1924
RR/7/10 “The Oxford Group Movement” by Rev FR Barry, article in the Spectator, 30 July 1932
RR/7/10 Notice from the Horncastle Division Conservative Association for a Pageant and Fete at Well Vale, Alford, by kind permission of Major & Mrs Rawnsley, on 6 July 1933
RR/7/9 5 newspaper cuttings: • “Pylons in the Lake District Keswick Scheme Dropped”, 18 January 1933 • Article on “Threlkeld” no date • “Gallant Rescue of Sheep” no date • Appointment of vicar of Ely, Church Times, 6 March 1937 • “New Vicars” C Journal, 19 March
RR/7/11 Picture of the Grasmere Rushbearing from The Gazette, 11 August 1934
RR/7/11 Obituary of Gordon Graham Wordsworth from The Times 9 July 1935
RR/7/11 3 cuttings re the Wordsworth Museum at Grasmere August 1935
RR/7/11 Newspaper cutting re a meeting of The Friends of Brantwood at Ruskin's home. Eleanor Rawnsley attended 17 August 1935
RR/7/11 Death of Walter Rawnsley 1936
WFR Memorial Medal
RR/10/3 The WF Rawnsley Memorial Medal of the Poetry Society inscribed "a clearer deeper sense of the best in poetry and of the strength & joy to be drawn from it" With box. Post 1927
Noel & Violet / Derek / David / Brenda Rawnsley
RR/7/12 Article from a New York magazine entitled "Parents of British FU Founder Here" [re Noel & Violet Rawnsley carrying on their son Derek's work for the Federal Union] & photocopy, September 1941
RR/7/12 5 newspaper cuttings from an envelope addressed to Eleanor at Allan Bank, dated 14 October 1953
  • 12 March 1943 "Royal Air Force" Obituary of Flight Lieutenant Derek L Rawnsley
  • 10 October 1953 Cutting re a gift to Oxford University "The Rawnsley Studentships" in memory of Derek Rawnsley who died February 1943
  • 1952 3 cuttings on David Rawnsley starting up the Chelsea Pottery (one dated 16 June)
RR/7/13 2 tributes to Derek Rawnsley
  • 20 May 1943 Eton College Chronicle
  • No date Typescript 8pp
RR/7/12 Obituary of Brenda Rawnsley (1916-2007) from "The Week"
14 July 2007
Conrad F Rawnsley - Career
RR/7/14 Copy of a notice in The Times entitled "Naval Cadetships. Osborne Passing-In List" for entry to the Royal Naval College, Osborne, Isle of Wight. Conrad Franklin Rawnsley is listed 26 [July] 1920
RR/7/14 Letter from Lieutenant Blyth, CFR's assistant on HMS Rodney to Conrad, received while he was in hospital 29 February 1940
RR/7/14 Papers relating to CFR's naval career from 1920 to 1940. Lists compiled 1941 & 1987
RR/10/4 Cassette tape of CFR's naval reminiscences recorded by ECR No date
RR/7/15 Speech given by Conrad at the opening of “The Rawnsleys and the Lakes” Exhibition at the Museum of Lakeland Life & Industry, typed, 10 September 1982
Eleanor Rawnsley - Estate
RR/7/16 Copy of Eleanor Foster Rawnsley's will & four codicils with accompanying letter from Conrad Rawnsley at Halfway Mill House, Petworth, Sussex to JH Aidley, Manager at Martins Bank Trustee Dept, Kendal, and his reply 13 & 15 October 1959
RR/7/16 Announcement of the sale of the contents of Allan Bank on 4 & 5 May 1960, reprinted from The Westmorland Gazette 22 April 1960
Noel Rawnsley - Estate
RR/7/17 Correspondence between Conrad Rawnsley, Halfway Mill House, Petworth, Sussex and Otto von Steinhart, Munchen 23, Germany re sale of land in Capri January - October 1961
RR/7/17 Copy death certificate for Noel Rawnsley, died 27 November 1952 at Dil Aram, Anacapri, Isle of Capri, Naples. Copy dated 4 May 1972
RR/7/17 Estate of Noel Hardwicke Rawnsley (intestate) compiled 14 May 1974
Una Hanbury (née Rawnsley)
RR/7/18 Papers re Una's trip to Bathurst Inlet, including 3 slides of Point Turnagain, [1981]; catalogue of Una's sculptures with a letter from [Des] to Conrad & Elsin enclosing an obituary of Una 14 February 1990
Conrad Rawnsley/ Rosalind Rawnsley - Correspondence
RR/7/19 4 letters from Christopher Pick, writer & publishing consultant, at 41 Chestnut Road, London to Commander Conrad Rawnsley & Rosalind Rawnsley re information for his forthcoming book "Egypt: A Traveller's Anthology". With a photocopy of "The Resurrection of Oldest Egypt" by HDR & Noel Rawnsley
  • 28 August 1990 To Rosalind Rawnsley
  • October 1990, 21 May & 7 June 1991 To Conrad Rawnsley

Research File Contents List
RR/8/1 List of contents of Box File; photocopy with archive reference numbers
Obituaries of HDR - Photocopies
RR/8/2 HDR obituaries:
  • The Church Times, 5 June 1920
  • West Cumberland Times, 2 June 1920
  • Carlisle Diocesan Gazette, July 1920
  • “Canon Rawnsleys Legacies” The Times, 25 September 1920
  • “Uppingham 75 years ago”
  • “Public Service” in “Famous Uppinghamians”
Sermons/Articles/Poetry by HDR – Photocopies
RR/8/3 HDR's "Ode to Shiplake" 2 copies [RR/3/3]
RR/8/3 “The Wooing of the North Wind” HDR’s Prize English Verse November 1869 from The School Magazine, Uppingham
RR/8/3 HDR’s sonnet “Autumn” from The School Magazine
RR/8/3 “Uppingham School Society” with sketch map of Uppingham
RR/8/3 “From the Terrace at Muncaster” from “Sonnets round the Coast”
RR/8/3 Notes from “Literary Associations of the English Lakes” Vol 11
RR/8/3 “The National Trust: its Aim and its Work” by HDR from “Saint George. The Journal of the Ruskin Society of Birmingham” July 1899
RR/8/3 “Pernicious Literature” An address given by HDR at the Guild Conference of the United Free Church at Hawick, 19 November 1910
RR/8/3 “The Power of Personal Service” A Sermon in memory of Octavia Hill preached by HDR at St Saviour’s, Southwark on 21 August 1912
RR/8/3 Oration to Stanwel Birkett by HDR, no date
RR/8/3 “A Bank Holiday Sermon” The Service of the Hills by HDR, 1906
RR/8/3 Extract from a sermon delivered at Halton Holgate Church by HDR on 24 April 1911
Photocopies of Extracts from HDR’s Published Books
RR/8/4 Sonnets at the English Lakes, Longmans, Green & Co 1881
RR/8/4 “A Book of Bristol Sonnets”
RR/8/4 “Ballads of the Boer War” Includes copies of poetry [Wordsworth?] “Fragment from a Meteorological Journal” & “Canzonet”, published 1838
RR/8/4 “The Coronation Bonfires” copies of pages from HDR’s Book of Coronation Bonfires 22 June 1911 [RR/4/9]
Commons / Footpaths / Rights of Way – Photocopies
RR/8/5 “Our Common Land” Octavia Hill. Macmillan’s Magazine, 1876
RR/8/5 “Open spaces, Footpaths and Rights of Way” Robert Hunter 6pp
RR/8/5 Copies of Mrs S Johnson papers at Cumbria County Record Office, Carlisle [DSO 24 Box 1]re footpaths
RR/8/5 “Rights of Way in the Lake District” & “Right of Way Demonstration at Keswick” The Manchester Weekly Times, 1 & 8 October 1887
RR/8/5 “Public Rights in the Lake District” & “Rights of Way in the Lake District” The Manchester Guardian 3 & 7 October 1887
RR/8/5 “The parable of the paths at Latrigg”, West Cumberland Times, 12 & 15 October 1887 2 copies
RR/8/5 “The Right of Way Dispute at Peel” Isle of Man Examiner, 22 October 1887
RR/8/5 “The Lake District Footpaths” The Times, 24 October 1887
RR/8/5 “The Keswick Footpath” The Times, 22 November 1887
RR/8/5 Subscription form and information on “The National Trust for Places of Historic Interest or Natural Beauty” (photocopies) no date
HDR etc. - Photocopies
RR/8/6 “Guide through the District of the Lakes” Wordsworth, 2 pages from facsimile of fifth edition of 1835
RR/8/6 Map of Shiplake, published by Major Colby, 1 August 1822
RR/8/6 Map of Halton Holgate, published by Major Colby, 1 March 1824
RR/8/6 Photocopies of four double pages from a book of Virgil at Uppingham School containing doodles by WFR & HDR and their signatures. [Signed on the front KE Spence April 1983]
12 October [1858]
RR/8/6 Annals of Clifton College 1882-1867, p110, photocopies
RR/8/6 “The History of St Agnes’ Parish 1876-1890” compiled by members of Clifton College, published by J.W. Arrowsmith 1890
RR/8/6 “Life of Bishop Percival” p38-39
RR/8/6 HDR/Edith marriage announcement in The Times (copy), 31 Jan 1878
RR/8/6 Extracts from accounts of HDR & Edith’s wedding [possibly Westmoreland Gazette, 2 copies] 29 January 1878
RR/8/6 Transcript of letter Drummond Rawnsley to Edith & Hardwicke, 13 May 1879 [RR/1/18]
RR/8/6 Extract from Crosthwaite Church Records of 9 July 1883
RR/8/6 Obituary of Edward Thring, The Spectator, 29 October 1887
RR/8/6 “The Church-Warden and the Curate” Tennyson, 1890
RR/8/6 “A Plea for Home Industries” Scotsman, 3 May 1907
RR/8/6 “Memories of a School Inspector” (photocopy) page 198, by AJ Swinburne, 1912
RR/8/6 “Highways and Byways in Lincolnshire” Willingham Franklin Rawnsley, Macmillan 1914
RR/8/6 “Robert Somervell by his Sons” Faber & Faber, 1935
RR/8/6 “Serving One Another” by Mrs Charles Ashley Carus-Wilson nee Mary Louisa Georgina Petrie, BA
HDR etc. - 1980-2000
RR/8/7 “A memory of Canon Rawnsley” newspaper cutting of a letter from Arthur Butcher, no date [Keswick local paper?]
RR/8/7 “Our Corner of Cumbria. Keswick at the Barricades” re footpaths, (photocopy) 2 May 1981
RR/8/7 “The Watch-Dog of the Lake District” article by Elizabeth Battrick from National Trust magazine, Autumn 1982
RR/8/7 “Beacon burns for 1588 Victory” The Times (photocopy) 12 August 1987
RR/8/7 "The Fiery Canon" Cumberland & Westmorland Herald, 23 July 1988 sent with a postcard from Margaret Atkinson at 2 Duke Street, Penrith
RR/8/7 “Railroaded into the Future” The Guardian (photocopy) 5 November 1993
RR/8/7 “Rawnsley! Thou shouldst be living at this hour” by Hunter Davis, The Independent, (original & photocopy) 11 March 1995
RR/8/7 “The most active volcano in Europe” by Stanley Williamson, The Countryman, (photocopy) October 1995
Rupert Potter / HDR
RR/8/8 Letter from HDR, Crosthwaite Vicarage, to Rupert Potter, 27 March 1898 [photocopy of RR/1/22]
RR/8/8 Transcript of letter from HDR at Crosthwaite Vicarage to Rupert Potter [re William Wordsworth’s signature], November 1897 [envelope only in RR/1/22 ? Rosalind still has letter]
RR/8/8 Poems by John Ruskin in Rosalind Rawnsley’s hand
Edith Fletcher / Rawnsley
RR/8/8 “We are Seven” [transcript of RR/5/2]
RR/8/8 Edith Fletcher’s Diary [transcript of pages 22-28 RR/5/1]
RR/8/8 “Flowertime in the Oberland” illustrations (photocopies)
RR/8/8 Copy of notice for an Exhibition of the Lake Artists Society featuring Edith’s paintings, July 1906, with a notice re Opening of Fitz Park Art Gallery on the reverse
RR/8/8 Transcript of document in Edith’s hand re KSIA, 1911 [from Wilfred Tully? See RR/8/21]
RR/8/8 Photocopy of letter Edith Rawnsley to Mr Hilton re wedding gift to Mrs Heelis, 2 May 1914; transcript of 2 letters Edith & HDR to Hilton [from Wilfred Tully? See RR/8/21]
RR/8/8 Transcript of account of Edith Rawnsley’s funeral [RR/1/30]
Noel Rawnsley
RR/8/8 Transcript of letter Noel to Edith [in HDR’s hand, RR/7/1a]
RR/8/8 Photocopies of: letter from Violet at Laleham on Beaver Press headed paper to HDR & Edith; letter from Noel at Laleham on beaver Press headed paper to HDR, 21 September 1904; cartoon re poet with Xmas greeting from Noel & Violet
Eleanor Rawnsley / Beatrix Heelis
RR/8/8 2 letters from Beatrix Heelis, Castle Cottage, Sawrey to Eleanor Rawnsley, 25 December 1932 & 16 August 1933, with fragments of writing from the backs of 3 autographs of Beatrix Potter [transcripts]
RR/8/8 Letter from Beatrix Heelis, Castle Cottage, Sawrey to Eleanor Rawnsley, [photocopy] 2[1st] October 1934
Rawnsley Family – Research Notes
RR/8/9 Printout of deeds at Lincoln Records Office re Edward Preston Rawnsley's title to Wray Castle c14pp 1608 - 1981
RR/8/9 “A Brief History of Wray Castle” 2 pages, photocopy
RR/8/9 Details from Record Office of Rawnsleys who died in the 2nd World War giving Rank, Service Number, Unit, date of death, where buried & next of kin. 9 Rawnsleys listed who died 1941-1946
Info dated 9 December 1991
RR/8/9 Rawnsley Family Tree with details of Alfred Rawnsley & descendents
RR/8/9 Notes re Rawnsley Family & Catherine Rawnsley's Commonplace Books
Franklins – Research Notes
RR/8/10 Printout of info on Jane, Lady Franklin
RR/8/10 2 copies of family tree to show Franklins & Mays
RR/8/10 Letter/poem from John Franklin at Castle Gate, Nottingham to William Sadler and his reply [probably written by Eleanor Franklin but the version in RR/1/8 is not in her hand], 2 copies, 9 October 1823
RR/8/10 HDR’s letter to Catherine Rawnsley re Jane Franklin’s funeral [transcript of RR/1/16]
RR/8/10 Typed notes re John Franklin [for a talk?]; photocopy of letter John Franklin to John Richardson 1 March 1845 [sold see RR/8/22]; image of John Franklin
Fletcher family – Richardson connection - Research Notes
RR/8/11 Typed copy of Mrs Fletcher's Pedigree from 25 March 1892 with entry for Edward 1 in Wikepedia & transcriptions of the letter from [Ellen Harding] to Mr Fletcher of 25 January 1850
RR/8/11 Notes of Fletcher Family burials at Brathay
RR/8/11 “Eleanor Rawnsley File L” mainly re Richardson connection
Photos / Portraits - Photocopies
RR/8/12 2 photocopies of a portrait of Tennyson given to HDR by Matilda Tennyson (sister of the Poet Laureate) in July 1893
RR/8/12 Photocopy of photo HDR, Edith, & Fanny Rawnsley at Crosthwaite Vicarage, August 1910
RR/8/12 Studio portrait of HDR at Balliol, (photocopy) c1870
RR/8/12 HDR by Rupert Potter, no date
RR/8/12 Studio full length portrait of Edith Fletcher, 18 years? Copy photograph 8x11” and photocopy [copy of RRP1-126] c1866
RR/8/12 Studio portrait of Edith 8x11” [copy of RRP1-125]
Rosalind Rawnsley - Lectures/Papers
RR/8/13 “HDR – A lover of his fellow men” by Rosalind Rawnsley, April 1987
RR/8/14 Rosalind Rawnsley's lecture to the Beatrix Potter Society "Of Rabbits, Rhymes and Railways; Canon Rawnsley Remembered" on 16 October 1996. Includes typed lecture, overhead projector notes, various photocopies of archive material & correspondence with Ann Poulter of The Beatrix Potter Society 29 January 1996-1 October 1996
RR/8/13 Paper on Edith Rawnsley by Rosalind Rawnsley January 2007
RR/8/13 Correspondence with Brian Wilkinson & Philippa Harrison re lecture “Hardwicke & Edith Rawnsley – Figures in a Landscape” at Theatre by the Lake, Keswick for Words by the Water Festival in 2008
The National Trust Centenary 1995
RR/L/2 The National Trust Commemorative Calendar for 1995 to celebrate their Centenary 1895-1995
RR/8/15 Folder containing Rosalind Rawnsley's Centenary material. Includes: Rosalind's invitation to the Centenary Lunch at the Grosvenor House Hotel on 12 January 1995, with guest list, table plan, menu & seating card; Rosalind & John Hammersley's invitation to a Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul's Cathedral on 28 June 1995; 3 copies of the Order of Service, 2 tickets of admittance & a seating card; 3 letters of thanks from Lord Chorley, Chairman, Sir Angus Stirling, Director-General, & Samantha Wyndham of the National Trust for Rosalind's reading of Wordsworth's "Tintern Abbey" at the Centenary Service; a newspaper cutting from the Shropshire Star on Rosalind's contribution to the Centenary Service 1 July 1995; a photo of a notice of an Exhibition at Lancaster University entitled "Ruskin, Rawnsley and the National Trust"; order of service for NT Centenary Carol Service at Carlisle Cathedral on 10 December 1995 with Tribute by Canon David Weston enclosed
Papers re HDR / NT – post 2000
RR/8/16 “Hardwicke Drummond Rawnsley (1851-1920) A Chronology of Events in his Life” compiled by Brian Wilkinson, photocopy, 2004
RR/8/16 2 papers of slide talk notes with compliments slip from Brian Wilkinson, Oak Cottage, Keswick, no date
  • “The Linen Industries in Langdale and Keswick”
  • “The Women in Canon Rawnsley’s Life”
RR/8/17 2 published papers by Melanie Hall, Boston University, with covering letter to RR, 4 October 2007:
  • “Affirming Community Life: Preservation, National Identity and the State, 1900”
  • “The Politics of Collecting: The Early Aspirations of the National Trust 1883-1913”
Correspondence re Memories of HDR
RR/8/18 Letter from Stanley Ritchie, Carlisle, to Rosalind 1 March 1989, with copies of articles re memories of HDR & recording of “The Prodigal Son” by Jenny Little & reply from Rosalind [recording not included]; transcript of HDR sonnet at Cathedral School Prize Giving, Xmas 1919
RR/8/18 Letter from Jenny Little, Carlisle, to Rosalind re her father’s memories of HDR, 1 May 1989 & reply from Rosalind
Correspondence with Researchers – Graham Murphy
RR/8/19 File of Graham Murphy’s notes & correspondence. Includes:
  • 2 letters from ? at Bristol to Graham Murphy, 7 June & 23 December 1983
  • notes re Co-operative Holidays Association
  • notes re Percival, St Werburgh’s, Balliol College, footpaths
  • notes to Merlin Waterson’s “The National Trust – The first Hundred Years” BBC 1994
RR/8/19 Typed notes on HDR with list of achievements & campaigns with dates
RR/8/19 “Timeline and analysis of some of Edith Rawnsley’s sketchbooks”
Correspondence with Researchers / Family
RR/8/20 Letter from Elizabeth Battrick, Press Assistant for the National Trust at Ambleside, Cumbria, to Rosalind re photo of HDR & Beatrix Potter outside Wray Castle 16 August 1983
RR/8/20 Letter from [Judy] at 31 Meadowbank, Primrose Hill Road, London to Rosalind re archive material 17 February 1988
RR/8/20 Postcard of the Tennysons at Farringford from Ann Thwaite at the Mill House, Low Tharston, Norfolk to Rosalind 30 March 1995
RR/8/20 Letter from Julian Hanbury Poole to Rosalind, 15 May 1996
RR/8/20 Letter from Hazel Davison at Keswick Museum & Art Gallery to Rosalind Rawnsley, 21 October 1997, with Rosalind’s reply
RR/8/20 Copy letter from Rosalind at Wyken Cottage, Shropshire to John Hughes at White Stone, Stockport re HDR, Edith & Wray Castle, and his reply. 20 & 25September 2000
RR/8/20 Letter from Robert [?] at Four Oaks, Warren Drive, Hale Barns, Cheshire to Rosalind re Fletcher family tree 7 September 2001
RR/8/20 Note from Richard Rawnsley to Rosalind re Richard Bourne Rawnsley No date
RR/8/20 Letter from Rosalind Rawnsley to Nina Atkinson, Collections Manager at Brantwood, [re archive material re Brantwood] no date
RR/8/20 Email correspondence with Ina Taylor re Edith Rawnsley, 2003
RR/8/20 Email correspondence with Derek Brown re Rawnsley family, 2004
RR/8/20 Email correspondence with Brian Wilkinson, 2005 & 2008; copy letter from John Jones, Vice-Master of Balliol College, Oxford to Brian Wilkinson, Oak Cottage, Keswick, re material on HDR, 11 September 2002
RR/8/20 Email correspondence between Rosalind Rawnsley & David Bowcock, Cumbria Record Office, Carlisle, re records on Edith, August 2006
RR/8/20 Printed emails between Associate Professor Penny Russell, Department of History, Sydney University, Australia, & Rosalind Rawnsley & Mary Williamson re Jane Franklin July 2009
Archive Lists – Rosalind Rawnsley
RR/8/21 A catalogue of the manuscripts belonging to Rosalind Rawnsley by Janet Martin, 21 Central Avenue, Leicester October 1974
HDR Archives Held Elsewhere
RR/8/21 Various lists of material relating to the Keswick School of Industrial Art in the possession of Mr Wilfred Tully, Brookside, Bassenthwaite, Keswick, with notes on KSIA and typed list by RR, October 1992; copy letter Rosalind Rawnsley to Tully 6 November 1992
RR/8/21 Hollett’s Catalogue of Material, 1996
RR/8/21 List of documents at Hollett & Son Booksellers, examined on 23 May 1996 by Rosalind Rawnsley & extracts of notes [the records were subsequently bought by Cumbria Record Office]
Archives Borrowed from Rosalind Rawnsley
RR/8/22 Various lists of archive material borrowed:
  • 10 May 1975 by Harry Ruckley, Doncaster
  • Borrowed for “The Rawnsleys in the Lake District” Exhibition, 17 August 1982
  • List of photographs borrowed by Christopher Hanson Smith, 13 December 1982
  • 18 May 1988 by Margaret Atkinson
  • ? date by Graham Murphy, 31 Highville Rd, Liverpool
  • 5 January 1994 by Jerry Rudman & Warwick Metcalfe at Uppingham, with a list on the reverse of items given to the Uppingham School Archives
Sales of Items
RR/8/22 Letter from Rosalind Rawnsley to Hannah Senior, Book Department, Christie's, London with details of the Franklin sixpence given to Catherine by Sir John Franklin in 1819, & 2 letters from Sir John Franklin, one to GJW Boyes 8 April 1843, the other to John Richardson, 1 March 1845. All 3 items to be sold at auction 26 March 2002
RR/10/5 Christie's London Sale Catalogue for The Polar Sale including the Neil Silverman Collection 25 September 2002
Correspondence re Handing Over Archive Material
RR/8/23 Printed emails between Rosalind Rawnsley & Mary Williamson re handing over Rawnsley/Franklin archive material to Mary, 29-30 June 2009. Letter re material for the archives 10 March 2011
Misc – Not Part of Collection
RR/14 8 newspapers: 2 July 1969 The Daily Telegraph. Investiture of the Prince of Wales. 18,20,21(x4) July, 4 August. Telegraph, Times & Birmingham Post. Men on the Moon

Lists, Notes, HDR Lecture
RR/10/8 Printed email from Ruth Ruckley to Rosalind Rawnsley offering her Harry Ruckley's research papers on HDR (following Harry's death), and Rosalind's reply
RR/10/8 Harry Ruckley's lists of papers, ms notes
RR/10/8 3 bundles of index cards with Harry's notes
RR/10/8 Typed copy of Harry Ruckley's lecture on HDR & list of slides, with 2 letters from Rosalind Rawnsley August 1998
Harry Ruckley - Correspondence
RR/10/10 Letters enclosing info on HDR from Uppingham School (1976), RSPB (1982), Palestine Exploration Fund (1977), Commons Open Spaces & Footpaths Preservation Society (1974); ms notes by Harry Ruckley Photocopies of: Sermon preached in Halton Holgate Church 24 April 1911; Sermon at Southwark Cathedral commemorating Octavia Hill August 1912; "Monsoon over the Timor Sea" by Derek Rawnsley from NAFT Magazine, January 1936; article from the Oxford Mail on Derek Rawnsley 23 April 1934
RR/9/1 Photocopies of letters from Noel Rawnsley 1902/1903; photocopy of Violet Rawnsley's account of her & Noel in Capri 1975; article on David Rawnsley; letter from St Hugh's College Oxford re Rawnsley Studentships 1975; letters from Conrad Rawnsley to Harry re the Rawnsley Exhibition at the Museum of Lakeland Life & Industry, September 1982; Conrad's CV; printed leaflet "A Case for the Reform of the National Trust" for the Extraordinary General Meeting on 11 February 1967; copy of an article on Conrad & the National Trust; postcard of Crosthwaite Church addressed to Mrs Hunt, from her daughter 1911
RR/9/2 Correspondence with Una Hanbury July 1975 - August 1982; typed account of a visit to Una 12 February 1977; catalogue of Una's sculptures; letter from David Rawnsley, Dal-Aram, Anacapri; ms account of Harry's visit to Capri in 1975 [Some of Una's letters contain interesting memories of HDR & Edith]
RR/9/3 Letters to Harry Ruckley containing reminiscences of HDR, including correspondence with Janet Martin [who started working on a biography of HDR c1970 but gave up through lack of material] 1972 - 1982
Original Material / MS Copies
RR/9/4 Ms poems of HDR [not sure whose writing]
  • "Hope for the Dawn"
  • "At Hartley Coleridge's Grave", "The Spirit of Dunnabeck" & "April Once More" March/April 1912 with accompanying letter from Hargreaves, Blackpool 11 January 1975
RR/9/4 Letter from the residents of the Clifton College Mission District at Bristol to HDR [ms copy - not sure whose handwriting] 8 December 1877
RR/9/4 Printed leaflets/hymns by HDR:
  • Hymn for the Feast of St Oswald and the Rush Bearers' Hymn, Grasmere
  • St Margaret's, Low Wray Harvest Thanksgiving 1880
  • Canon Rawnsley's Hymn for Patricio Church
  • Poem in memory of Harriette Abby Simpson of The Wray, Grasmere died 8 September 1918
  • Hymns at HDR & Edith's wedding 29 January 1878
  • Postcard of HDR
  • Printed booklet "Crosthwaite Registers" by J Fisher Crosthwaite reprinted from Transactions of the Cumberland & Westmoreland Archaeological Society 1876
RR/9/5 2 articles on HDR
  • Autumn 1975 "Canon Rawnsley and the Portinscale Bridge" by Arthur Foss from "National Trust" magazine, with 3 photocopies
  • 31 December 1976 "Defender of the Lakes" from "Cumberland News" 2 copies, 3 photocopies & copy portrait photo of HDR
  • Autumn 1982 "The Watchdog of the Lake District" by Elizabeth Battrick, National Trust Magazine
RR/9/5 Newspaper cuttings re HDR
  • HDR's poem "The Coal Strike"
  • Letter to the editor of the Carlisle Journal re the late HDR
Photocopies Mainly
RR/9/6 Photocopies of verses, letters
RR/9/7 Typed copy of Edith's Diary of their tour in the Holy Land beginning 4 April 1879; photocopies of Edith's "A wet day at Dunnabeck" & poems by HDR from the guest book of Dunnabeck; "We are Seven" poem
RR/9/8 Photocopies of: Edith's letter to her brother Herbert on her engagement; letters from Edith at Clovelly to her Mother 1877; letter from HDR at The Hollins, Bolton to Alice Fletcher after the wedding 30 January 1878; letter from Edith to Violet re the grandchildren who had been staying at Crosthwaite; letters to HDR; letters re location of books/articles etc on HDR 1970-1975; various letters to Harry re history of the National Trust 1982-1983; list of contents of file
RR/9/9 4 Wills (photocopies)
  • John Fletcher, died 24 March 1876
  • Rev Robert Drummond Burrell Rawnsley died 31 August 1882
  • Rev Hardwicke Drummond Rawnsley died 28 May 1920
  • Eleanor Foster Rawnsley died 29 April 1959
RR/9/9 Photocopy of article from "Lakes Herald" on the death of Mrs Elizabeth Fletcher of Croft, Ambleside 16 December 1898
RR/9/10 Envelope of photocopies of an appeal by the Keswick School of Industrial Arts & Ruskin Linen Industry to the County Council for a permanent building. Also photocopies re Ruskin Exhibition at Keswick, 1909
RR/9/11 Photocopies of letters re railways; copy of HDR's petition in the House of Lords against the Braithwaite and Buttermere Railway; copies of newspaper articles
RR/9/12 Photocopies of newspaper articles & letters from HDR, Gordon Wordsworth & others re preservation of footpaths in the Lake District. Includes Harry's list of contents
RR/9/13 Photocopies of printed sources re HDR c14 items
Harry Ruckley - Photographs
RR/0/4/1 2 albums, mainly copy photos from Edith Rawnsley's albums, for
RR/0/4/2 example portraits, photos of trip to Russia. Also photos from Capri. Includes some original photos, possibly collected from other sources. May also contain copies of photos no longer in the archives [HDR in woodland?]
RR/P/2 Copy photos & slides; 7 larger copy photos; 3 ? original photos; 7 colour slides of views; 29 slides from envelope labelled Rawnsley Exhibition Kendal; 3 slides of Nat Trust Founders [all slides placed in secol sleeves]

PHOTOGRAPHS – from Rosalind Rawnsley
RRP1-1 Small photo in frame. Marked on back "Skegness House built by a Great Grandmother now pulled down" [very faded]
RR/0/4/3 Framed photo of Alfred Booth died 2 November 1914
RR/0/4/4 Framed photo of Gordon Wordsworth in his study 1934
Small Red Box - Studio Portraits
RR/P/1 Contains studio portraits of Rawnsleys & Fletchers:
RRP1-2 Willingham Franklin Rawnsley [WFR]
RRP1-3 Herbert Fletcher 3 portraits (1842-1895) c1860's
RRP1-4 Alice Fletcher 3 portraits & 2 in fancy dress (1843- ) c1860's
RRP1-5 Helen Fletcher (1847- )
RRP1-6 Edith ?
RRP1-7 Mr & Mrs [? Fletcher family] June 1876
RRP1-8 Norman Fletcher 10 years old 1887
RRP1-9 Notice of HDR & Edith's marriage in the Times [very faded]
RRP1-10 Emily Margaret Arden (ne Rawnsley) 4 portraits, one tinted
RRP1-11 Douglas Arden
RRP1-12 Edward FD Arden 1 year old 21 February 1877
RRP1-13 Douglas Arden & Dorothy, 3 years 1 month July 1877
RRP1-14 Walter [? Rawnsley or Fletcher] as a boy at Eton?
RRP1-15 Walter Rawnsley with hat, cane & tweed scarf
RRP1-16 Alfred Edward Rawnsley 2 portraits, one 1878
RRP1-17 Ethel Rawnsley 2 portraits, one tinted
RRP1-18 Fanny Rawnsley 4 portraits
RRP1-19 Mary Sophia Chaplin (ne Rawnsley) 2 portraits
RRP1-20 Rev Drummond Rawnsley 2 portraits
RRP1-21 Catherine Rawnsley 2 portraits
RRP1-22 Group containing Kennards & Rawnsley's 1871
RRP1-23 Sophie Elmhirst, sister of Rev Drummond Rawnsley [Tennysons "Airy Fairy Lilian"]
RRP1-24 Pennell Elmhirst
RRP1-25 C Elmhirst [Charley]
RRP1-26 Laura Elmhirst [“Edith Staniland Mrs Worsley?” Also on back]
RRP1-27 Sophy Rawnsley 2 portraits, one tinted [? Daughter of Rev Edward
RRP1-28 Rawnsley & sister of Edward Preston & Edith Rawnsley]
RRP1-29 Mrs Edward Preston Rawnsley?
RRP1-30 Preston Rawnsley
RRP1-31 Edith Rawnsley, daughter of Rev Edward Rawnsley, m Clarke 1887
RRP1-32 Sir John Franklin 2 portraits from the last portrait of by [Negelan]
Large Red Box - Studio Portraits
RRP1-33 HDR? 1915
RRP1-34 Drummond & Margaret Chaplin
RRP1-35 Willingham Franklin Rawnsley in his Motor Car at Buttermere 1899
RRP1-36 Emily Sharpe [cousin of Edith] 1884
RRP1-37 Noel Hardwicke Rawnsley 8 1/2 years old July 1889 x2 [one with dog]
RRP1-38 ? Edith Rawnsley after 1878
RRP1-39 Photo of a chalk drawing by Miss [Crowe] of ? Edith 1875 [faded]
RRP1-40 Herbert Fletcher
RRP1-41 Photo of a pencil portrait of or by [Desia Bayot]
RRP1-42 Maude Baldwin Brown
RRP1-43 Gerard Baldwin Brown
RRP1-44 WJ Stead (1849-1912) "In memory of the Crusade" 1899
RRP1-45 Leighton
RRP1-46 Charles [Whittock]
RRP1-47 Professor George Adam Smith
RRP1-48 Mrs GA Smith x2
RRP1-49 Matthew Arnold
RRP1-50 Elsie Queen of May 1907
RRP1-51 Miss [?] of Keswick
RRP1-52 Harvey Goodwin, Bishop of Carlisle
RRP1-53 Jenkinson
RRP1-54 Angela [Jordane]
RRP1-55 Mrs Marshall
RRP1-56 Unknown lady
RRP1-57 Unknown man
RRP1-58 Kennel of the famous pack
RRP1-59 The lake trout seen dying at [Grela] Bridge 6 July 1885
Bundle of Small Studio Portraits with Names
RR/P/1- c35 portraits:
RRP1-60 Rebecca Self (HDR's nanny) x3 1882
RRP1-61 CL Dodgson
RRP1-62 Kenneth Bruce x2 one dated September 1882
RRP1-63 EP & family - Ruth 8yrs, Norman 7yrs Cyril 3yrs Guy 1yr 29 July 1884
RRP1-64 Hartley Coleridge
RRP1-65 Daisy Rousby (tinted)
RRP1-66 [Weagartuen]
RRP1-67 Harrison ? Scale How
RRP1-68 Mrs Percival Clifton
RRP1-69 John Dalton
RRP1-70 Gerard Baldwin Brown x2
RRP1-71 Sturges, Vicar of Wargrave
RRP1-72 Miss Sturges
RRP1-73 May Sturges
RRP1-74 Bootchai, a friend from Balliol College x3
RRP1-75 [-S-R] Jan 1872
RRP1-76 Paul Sabatier
RRP1-77 Henry Pooley
RRP1-78 George Stephenson
RRP1-79 PC Newbigging, Geneva, January 1866
RRP1-80 Francis EW Elliot
RRP1-81 Arthur B Fisher, Xmas 1897
RRP1-82 Rabbi Williams
RRP1-83 Walter Pettit 17 December 1873 ["taken in 1863" on back]
RRP1-84 Gervase Alington x2
RRP1-85 Robert [illegible] 31 January 1875
RRP1-86 Canon Newbolt
RRP1-87 Norman
RRP1-88 Mary Paley & Oscar [on the Vicarage lawn - woman with dog]
RRP1-89 Phyllis [Conc---] 16 years 1897
RRP1-90 CA Peel
RRP1-91 John Langshaw (born 5 August 1802) 24 May 1876
RRP1-92 Isaac Pride, Tynemouth Pit 1877
RRP1-93 The five rescue men, D Thomas, Wm Davies
RRP1-94 Bristol, St Werbergh Church
Bundle of small studio portraits - Unknown
RRP1-95 c65 items
Photographs - HDR
RRP1-96 HDR on a chair with dog
RRP1-97 HDR studio portrait by Fred W Tassell, Carlisle, c1918
RRP1-98 HDR outside ?Crosthwaite Church
RRP1-99 Copy photo of HDR used for the October issue of Cumbria
RRP2-1 Studio portrait of HDR at his desk, with an amusing verse underneath in his own handwriting (Mendoza Galleries, 13 Old Bond Street)
RR/0/4 Large reproduction of watercolour by Edith of HDR at his desk
RR/0/4 A4 reproduction of watercolour by Edith of HDR at his desk
RRP1-100 “Canon Rawnsley returning from Church” no date [sent by Jill Brewster of Keswick Museum to Mary Williamson, October 2018]
RRP1-101 Portrait of HDR & Robert Hunter from a magazine [?]. Street scene on reverse [sent by Jill Brewster of Keswick Museum, October 2018]
Photographs - HDR in a Group
RRP1-102 Rawnsley group, names on reverse with ages: Rebecca Self; WFR 29; HD & FAR 22; EER 19; WHR 17; AER 15; JFR 12; Edmund Hollway 17 Taken at Skegness 14 August 1874
RRP1-103 Group of men outside a church
RRP1-104 Group outside Church - men & ladies [faded]
RRP1-105 HDR with ? May Queen (postcard)
RRP1-106 HDR at the Rushbearing 1917 (postcard)
RRP1-107 HDR with reporters & children (postcard)
RRP1-108 HDR with Lady [?] names on back not easy to read. From a photo that appeared in the Daily Mail
RRP1-109 HDR in front of a house
RRP1-110 Gosforth Cross with HDR (small photo)
RRP1-111 Ruskin Road makers at work, North Hinksey. HDR leaning on spade, Lord Milner with pick-axe. (postcard) [used in Eleanor Rawnsley's book on HDR]
RRP2-2 Group round a monument. Photo by JC Varty-Smith, Penrith. Permission is given for reproduction in HDR's book [not sure if HDR pictured in group] 2 May 1909
Photos Taken by Rupert Potter
RRP2-3 HDR & Edward Caird, Master of Balliol [probably by Rupert Potter]
27 September 1897
RRP2-4 HDR, Mr & Mrs Edward Caird at Crosthwaite Vicarage, 1 October 1897
RRP2-4a HDR & Edward Caird at Crosthwaite Vicarage, 1 October 1897
RRP2-5 HDR & Rupert Potter at Lingholm 13 September 1897 [mounted on card]
RRP2-6 Lingholm interior of house September 1904
RRP2-7 Crosthwaite Church September 1904
RRP2-8 HDR at Lingholm - seated outside the house 12 August 1907
RRP2-9 HDR & Rupert Potter on bench in garden at Lingholm 3 September 1907
RRP2-10 HDR at Crosthwaite Vicarage, 9 September 1911
RRP2-11 HDR at Broad Leys, 29 July 1912
RRP2-12 Small photo of HDR, Queen Adelaide’s Hill, 11 September 1913 [faded]
Views – Rupert Potter
RRP2-13 The [Borrowdale] Fens - 2 photos 27 September 1897
RRP2-14 Castle Rock 12 September 1901
RRP2-15 4 photos of [Otter---] Bay 26 September 1901
RRP2-16 Photo of [Otter--- ] Bay 4 October 1901
RRP2-17 5 photos of Brandelhow Estate, 3 October 1901
RRP2-18 4 photos of Brandelhow Estate, possibly by Rupert Potter, "1903?" on back of one
RRP2-19 4 photos taken 16 September 1903
  • Castle Rock & [?] Bridges
  • • Helvellyn from Harrop Tarn
  • • Helvellyn & Thirlmere
  • • Raven Crag
RRP2-20 3 photos dated 23 September 1903
  • Lingholm Wood – with HDR in it
  • 2 copies untitled
RRP2-22 Coleridge Oak, Derwent Lodge, Portinscale - 3 photos, one of which in card mount 1 September 1904
RRP2-23 12 photos dated 24 August 1904, unknown views of Lake District, 5 are originals the rest copies - in an envelope addressed to Canon Rawnsley, Crosthwaite Vicarage
The Caedmon Cross
RR/P/2 The Caedmon Cross at Whitby
  • 3 photos with HDR
  • 3 photos at the Quarry
  • 4 photos of the cross
  • Photo mounted on card with a printed verse by HDR
Photographs - Churches, Monuments, Houses
RRP1-112 Crosthwaite Church
RRP1-113 Halton Holgate Rectory, Spilsby, 1864
RRP2-28 The Thwaite, Coniston
RRP1-114 Furness Abbey
RRP2-29 Interior view - of drawing room at [Levens] Hall 1900
RRP1-115 Plaque in memory of Sir John Richardson 1787-1865 2 copies
RRP2-30 Commemorative plaque in Crosthwaite Church to HDR & Edith
RRP2-31 Monument to John Ruskin at Derwentwater
RR/0/4 Bust on plinth in memory of Bankes. Photo by GP Abraham, Keswick. Mounted on card
RRP2-32 Shrewsbury stone pulpit [foxing]
RRP2-33 Detail of a stone cross [? Unknown location]
RRP2-34 Cross to the Memory of Baeda the Venerable
RR/0/3 Cross to the Memory of Baeda the Venerable, 2 photos
RRP2-35 The Dragon Lintel, St Bees x2 3 June 1899
RRP2-36 Castlerigg Stone Circle x3
RRP1-116 Westbury White Horse [page from a book]
RRP2-37 Franklin Monument, Hobart, taken by Elsin Rawnsley in 1999 [includes her explanation on reverse]
Photographs - Ceremonies
RRP1-117 11 small photos of ? rushbearing or some ceremony, a castle with a moat
RRP2-38 Brandelhow opening ceremony, 1902
RRP2-39 Marquee & crowds of people by Lake at Gowbarrow - 3 photos by Pettit
RR/0/3 Jubilee Bonfire
RR/0/3 May Queen ceremony with HDR, by Pettit, mounted on card no date
Photographs - Views
RRP1-118 8 views of Launchy Ghyll showing destruction of the wood in envelope addressed to HDR posted 18 September 1911
RRP1-119 Photo of [Launchy] Ghyll, view towards the Lake
RRP1-120 View of stone bridge
RRP2-40 The Landslip Isle of Wight x2
RRP2-41 Keswick from Castle Hill x2
RRP2-42 2 photos of sheep with shepherd at Walmsley, Ambleside
  • "Autumn Leaves"
  • "Thither in Spring the Shepherd comes"
RRP2-43 Unknown view
RRP2-44 Catbells, Derwentwater [photo by Pettitt?]
RRP2-45 5 photos by Alfred Pettitt, The Art Gallery, Keswick
  • Victoria Day, Derwentwater
  • Keswick & Derwentwater - 2 different views
  • Victoria Bay on the Brandlehow Park Estate [mounted on card]
  • The Estate looking south from the Public Coach Road
  • 2 unknown views
Photographs - Abroad
RRP1-121 View of Moscow
RRP2-46 6 photos of Sinai [from Holy Land trip ?]
RR/0/4 Large photo of view of ?Switzerland with castle, lake & snowcapped mountains
RR/0/4 Monument in Athens - mounted on card
RR/0/3-4 HDR, Edith & party on camels at the tomb of Khalifs, Cairo, 1879
RRP2-52 Edith & party on camels with pyramid in background, 1879
Photos of Rawnsleys
RR/0/3 Meet of the Southwold Fox Hounds at Harrington Hall, with Edward Preston Rawnsley as Master 1880-1920
RRP2-47 Studio portrait of Mary Chaplin (ne Rawnsley)
RRP2-48 Studio portrait of Willingham Franklin Rawnsley 1896
RRP1-122 2 small photos of Fanny Rawnsley standing by a river?
RRP1-123 Studio portrait of Rev Drummond Rawnsley, seated, no date
Photos of Edith, Helen & Walter Fletcher
RRP1-124 Photo of Edith
RR/P/1 4 small studio portraits of Edith, her brother Walter & sister Helen in an envelope labelled “photos of Self, Helen & Walter” :
  • Edith
  • Edith Fletcher full length 1861 [or 1867]
  • Helen Fletcher full length 1861 [or 1867]
  • Walter Fletcher c1861/7
RRP1-141 Fletcher family at Croft, photo by M Bowness, Ambleside 30 May 1873 [dated September 1873 on the mount]
RRP1-142 Edith Fletcher aged 29, May 1874
Photos of Noel Rawnsley & Family
RR/P/1 2 studio portraits of Noel:
  • August 1885 aged 4 1/2 yrs [faded]
  • September 1892 [with dog]
RR/P/1 Studio portraits of Noel's children:
  • Una
  • ? Conrad
  • ? David
RRP1-134 Conrad Franklin Rawnsley - studio portrait c 1930
RRP1-135 2 small photos of Dil Aram, Anacapri in a Kodak film wallet
Misc photos - People
RR2-49 Studio portrait of Oxford graduate
RR2-50 Studio portrait of Oxford graduate
RR2-51 Group of men "The old fashioned type of Keswick boatman"
RR1-136 Studio portrait of unknown lady aged 91yrs 2 months July 1940
RR1-137 Studio portrait of unknown lady December 1957
RR1-138 Man with huge beard - 2 photos
RR1-139 Faded photo of ? a lady
RR1-140 "Il Pensoroso" by [Hill], August 1899 [see Harry Ruckley page 35 of RR/O/4/1 for explanation of photo – it shows a particular species of Terrier that runs with Cumberland fox hounds with the head boy of Winchester School]
RR/0/4 Portrait of Roberts - printed
Misc - Souvenir Photos, Views, etc.
RR/0/4 Set of 8 souvenir photos of Glasgow Cathedral
RR/0/4 Set of 16 souvenir photos of Dumfries & Burns memorials
RR/0/4 9 photos of the Lindisfarne Gospels, some mounted on paper
RR/0/4 Illustration of Francis of Asisi
RR/0/4 Sketch map of the Ethandune Campaign by Rev C W Whistler 1899
RR/0/4 19 souvenir photos of Athens; 20 souvenir photos of Greek sculpture