Estcourt, November 15, 1899

Not yet the Blenheim seed
Has failed us at our need,
    Still does the name of Churchill ring like gold,
Whether at Omdurman
A warrior in the van,
    Or, where the Estcourt ridges are uprolled,
He, having just ungirt his sword, took pen
To fight as brave for us home-staying men.

There, when the armoured train
Was wrecked, and fast as rain
    Boer bullets fell on our devoted band,
Did not this swordless one
Remember great deeds done,
    And, hero, call on heroes all to stand?
Did he not clear the wreckage, rails relay,
And speed the wounded on their homeward way?

Yea, and with lion-heart
Did he not backward start,
    Clutch rifle, turn again to face the foe,
To fight—if need be, fall—
For country, Queen, and all
    That made him great those many years ago?
Ah! Churchill, let the thanks of Britain be
The balm and calm of your captivity.

(Ballad of the War, p. 28)