O Heavenly Father, we commit into Thy loving hands all those young men of Great Britain, and especially of this parish, who have now bravely dedicated themselves to the service of King and country.  Let them cheerfully submit to work and discipline as they prepare themselves for war, and when they go forth to meet the foe be with them on the right hand and on the left, in camp or field.  Overshadow them in the day of battle with Thine Almighty Wings.  Enable them to endure patiently and as good soldiers to persevere until the end.  In adversity let them feel that Thou art still with them mighty to save, and in victory may they render praise to Thee and use it to Thy glory.  Let them not fear to profess Christ before their comrades as Saviour and as Friend.  Gird them with a sense of the rightness and justice of their cause.  Bid them be of good courage, for that Thou, O Lord, savest by many or by few.

(Hull Daily Mail, 1914, 12 September, p. 3)