April 24th, 1891

Great battle-thinker, war and work is o’er,
      No more shall hill and vale and blossoming plain
    Shine as a chequer-board whereon your brain
May plan for peace thro’ victory, and no more
In thought shall cannon crown the heights and roar,
    Nor armies march and countermarch to gain
    The dread arbitrament of woe and pain,
Whereby men hold the fields they plowed of yore.

Your warfare is accomplished, you have gone
    To where men sheathe the sword and bear the palm,
      And Love leads on to fuller light and life;
      Where souls, who through Earth’s pettiness and
    Have held their strong simplicity and calm,
Hear, in the Land of Peace, Heaven’s loud “Well done!”

(Valete: Tennyson and other Memorial Poems, p. 65)