The brave blacksmith of Calvinia who died rather than betray our Empire’s cause.

Prince-Loyalist of all the black man’s race,
    Tho’ someone blundered and the bloody deed
    That sealed your murderer’s shame must wait
            its meed
Before God’s great White Throne; and though your
Men left unnoted, Justice sure shall trace
    Endictment on that scroll the angels read,
    And we who reap your death’s heroic seed
Shall one day meet and thank you face to face.

For you alone in dread Calvinia’s day
    Dared face the furious rebels’ cruel lust,
        Dared yield your body to the scourge and
Rather than cast your Empire’s cause away,
        And with your spirit’s hammer brave and
    You welded black to white in bonds of trust.     

(A Sonnet Chronicle, p. 7)