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Title and Contents

Chapter 1 1851-1870 Shiplake. Tennyson's Marriage. Halton Holgate. Uppingham

Chapter 2 1870-1877 Oxford. Soho. Clifton College Mission. Ordination

Chapter 3 1878-1883 Marriage. Wray. Visit to Holy Land. Lake Defence Society

Chapter 4 1883-1887 Crosthwaite. Keswick School of Industrial Arts. Footpath Dispute

Chapter 5 1888-1892 Thirlmere. Election on County Council. Gough's Memorial on Helvellyn. Illness

Chapter 6 1892 Death of Tennyson. Cisits to Farringford. Death of Jowett

Chapter 7 1896 Memorials to Wordsworth. Visit to Russia

Chapter 8 1893 The National Trust

Chapter 9 1897-1898 Memorial to Caedmon. Friendships. Mrs Lynn Linton. G. F. Watts

Chapter 10 1898-1899 La Verna. Assisi. M. Sabatier. Offer of Bishopric of Madagascar. Visit to America

Chapter 11 1900-1901 Ruskin. Memorial to Duke of Westminister. Ober Ammergau. Death of Queen Victoria

Chapter 12 1902 Educational Work. Secondary Schools Association. Moral Rhymes for the Young

Chapter 13 1903-1905 The Grasmere Play. Memorial to Venerable Bede. Visit to Athens. Rose Castle

Chapter 14 1906 Church Congress. Gowbarrow. Holman Hunt. Portinscale Bridge

Chapter 15 1907-1908 Dunnabeck. Pernicious Literature. Objectionable Postcards. A Winter Walk

Chapter 16 1909-1911 A Canon of Carlisle. Crosthwaite Belfry. Tennyson Centenary. Grandchildren

Chapter 17 1911-1913 Tattershall Castle. Hydro-aeroplanes. Druids' Circle. Epitaphs

Chapter 18 1914-1917 Acqui. War. Greta Bridge. Illness and Death of Edith Rawnsley

Chapter 19 1917-1919 Resignation of Crosthwaite. Allan Bank. Literary Associations. Marriage. Peace Celebrations

Chapter 20 1920 Provence. Illness. Death