[David Willingham Rawnsley was the third grandchild of Hardwicke and Edith. He had one sister, Una, and two brothers, Conrad and Derek.]

I remember his rather awe inspiring figure with a dark and bushy beard, the church services, hiding under the bed and being spanked by him for running away on a motorcar trip in the mountains. I about 6 years.

Alan Bank the delicious breakfasts with half a dozen different great pewter covers over the different choices – that he always eat his breakfast while walking up and down in front of the fireplace in the huge dining room, where after breakfast all the household and servants had to assemble for prayers and we facing towards the servants would make grimaces at the maids to make them giggle.

I remember the Rushbearing services in Windermere and sitting on the Church wall to be given a new penny by him all in his church attire.

I remember that he gave us each a crag on the hills behind Alan Bank where there was a tunnel at the top of the garden. They were each given our own name Mount David, Mount Una.

I recall him often entertaining large groups of clergy and others when he would call Edey Edey!! to tell her there would be 20 for lunch when it was already midmorning.

When on walks in the countryside he would frequently stop and talk with whoever it might be in a very broad dialect to match that of the countryman.

(Source - RR/9/1)

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