Ay, ay, ken we’re growing old
    But it’s Nature’s waay,
And when our mortal teal is told
    We shall hev oor daay.

When we were bairns each year we grew
    Beyont oor parents’ hands,
Noo ivvery mwcra we seem to view
    Main nigh oor Fadderland.

Than hev we fratched and fretted sair
    Ta get away fra yam,
Noo growin’ children, mair and mair,
    We leuk fort way we cam’.

We’ve oor share of joy and fear,
    Bit with hope hes bid in trust,
Lite youngsters when the stars appear,
    When hem its time to rust.

When we were bairns and darkness fell
    Hoo flayte we were, bit hark!
A voice that’s crien aw is well
    Noo calls us through the dark.

Then coom what will or good or ill,
    Whate’er a faate be given,
This old fwoks’ dea will find us still
    Bairn hearted fit for heaven.

(West Cumberland Times, 31 December 1904, p. 5)